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  1. Ryan The Epic Guy added a post in a topic What Happened the Night I Left   

    I don't even care anymore. When I am completely gone (Thursday) they will realize their decision to be a jerk has consequences. I am the only one they can do this to and not get reported in under 10 seconds.
    Until you are shot and you instantly regret your decision XD
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  2. Ryan The Epic Guy added a post in a topic What Happened the Night I Left   

    Legally meaning I've been told by police not to say too much or I could mess up the investigation
    The reason I'm putting this here is because a lot of people have pmed me recently wondering why I havent been accepting steam requests (I'm still checking PMs until Thursday)
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  3. Ryan The Epic Guy added a topic in General   

    What Happened the Night I Left
    On Thursday 5/17/18 I left the community. I had left due to the hate this community was showing me and I told myself I'm never coming back. That night a very serious incident occured. My house was broken into. I can't reveal more than the basic information (for police reasons) so what I will say is what I am legally allowed to say. At approximately 12:45 PM an armed intruder broke into the front door of my house. I heard the sounds of someone opening drawers and clinging metal so I grab a weapon I made a while back (It's a cardboard sword with about 75+ pounds of duct tape that I designed to break the bones of any intruder in case I was alone when a break-in happened). When I slowly creeped down the stairs the intruder heard me and pulled his gun out (I can't say what the gun was). I attempted to throw the sword at him. He shot the gun, but luckily for me I had jumped down the rest of the stairs only getting hit in my right arm. The sword hit him directly in the arm which broke it immediately. He grabbed the bag he had of stuff he was stealing with his not broken arm and ran. Neighbors who heard the gun go off called 911 and I was taken to the hospital. I had a camera in the room hidden in a corner (obviously I can't post that video for legal reasons) and the police were able to get an accurate sketch of him. The doctor said I was lucky and the bullet missed the bone and the nerve, allowing me to recover quick enough to come home as of one hour ago. The police have located several people who match the description they have and are matching up DNA evidence that was on the sword I threw. That is all I can legally say. I may post the video after the man is caught by police, but for now I cannot.
    And to all who were wondering,
    I will not be returning to GamingLight...
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  4. Ryan The Epic Guy added a post in a topic Joey's Problems   

    I know the feeling. For my whole life I dealt with bullying so bad it caused anxiety and depression. This community was what kept me from losing it until it began treating me the same way.
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  5. Ryan The Epic Guy added a post in a topic Naby Warn Request   

    + Support on warning both of you
    +Naby needs a warn for tazer rush because he should not have tazered you off a building. Especially as an SRT who supposed to be the best of the best.
    +You need a warn for not valueing life and using suicide as a way to escape PD. If your trying to escape PD you CANNOT prop climb up a building to jump off.
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  6. Ryan The Epic Guy added a topic in Archive   

    completely implement Gasoline
    What you want to see? - gasoline in cars. (Not gasoline pumps and jerry cans that people minge with and have no use other than to blow up stuff and lag the server)
    Why should we add it? - numerous other suggestions and votes have shown an overwhelming percent of the player-base that wants the gas fully implemented into the cars.
    What are the advantages of having this? - Realistic RP, an end to many 10-80s (if the cops dont run out of gas before the criminal does lol), a reason to spend money, and a happy player-base
    Who is it mainly for? - everyone
    Links to any content - its in vcmod, just needs to be activated
    This was recently half implemented. There was only the pump and Jerry cans that would explode when shot. There was no practical use for the gas except to minge and blow 1000s of Jerry cans up. Cars were never given a need for gas. If it is re-added make Jerry cans not explode or if it is necessary not exist (just hope you dont run out of gas XD)
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  7. Ryan The Epic Guy added a post in a topic Speed Gun, New PD cars for lower ranks   

    find a VC Mod speed gun and not an article telling me what the interceptor has that my mom doesnt and I might give a +support!
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  8. Ryan The Epic Guy added a post in a topic Alsher's 72 hour notice   

    another one of our best has been lost. Goodbye Alsher...
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  9. Ryan The Epic Guy added a post in a topic Naby Staff Report   

    thats true. next time naby id see what hes doing first. Also you forced job more saff than were needed to hit the ratio. 3 staff got forced and 2 did not need to be forced for the ratio to hit.
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  10. Ryan The Epic Guy added a post in a topic Naby Staff Report   

    +/- support
    -saved you from being striked
    +I believe he has been told before to stop forcejobbing because he used to always use it to avoid getting on duty himself
    -but then again he was on duty himself
    +he could of tpd to you to see if you would get on instead of just forcejobbing
    -the day before half the staff team got striked for the ratio being off. he saved the staff team from it happening again the next day
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  11. Ryan The Epic Guy added a post in a topic way better gas SOP   

    all you have to do to get gas without there being limits is spend $120 to get a gov't cc with gas
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  12. Ryan The Epic Guy added a post in a topic way better gas SOP   

    +gas is over-used and over-abused
    (you should edit the title it looks like your suggesting a new gas not a new SOP)
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  13. Ryan The Epic Guy added a topic in General   

    My appologies/clearing a few things up
    What Happened
    As many of you have noticed, I have been demoted back to Trial Moderator. Yesterday at about 10:30 P.M. the staff ratio hit 0-64 with several SMTs, SAs, and other staff members on. Fame teleported to me and told me this and I hopped on staff in a vain attempt to save the staff team from getting in trouble. I was too late. SMTs had already seen that the ratio had been 0-64 for over 15 minutes and a PRP staff meeting was held moments later. They had every staff member that was online when it happened go to Snar's waiting room where all of us were striked for not meeting the ratio. I'm not giving any specific names on who was striked, but I will say that there were (i believe) seven people that got one. Unfortunately for me this was my second strike and I was demoted to Trial Moderator. I'm lucky to still be staff because the handbook states that at 2 strikes that's it. You get removed from staff. Hopefully the other staff members will learn from this incident and make sure this doesn't ever happen again.
    My Apology
    I want to say I'm sorry for what happened. I take full responsibility for not checking the ratio. I have failed to do the duties I have promised I would do. I apologize to all of the people who did not have staff to help them and were defenseless against rule breakers. I apologize to all of those who were striked while being AFK for a moment to do something when the ratio was what it was. I apologize to the SMTs who work hard to keep the server such a fun and friendly place then come online to such a disappointing staff ratio.
    To the players who needed staff while there were none I am deeply sorry for not being there to help. When I applied for staff I applied to help this community and it's members. Not to ignore my duties while the players needed me the most. To all of those that were being RDMed, RDAd, and suffering at the hands of those who don't follow rules because staff weren't there to help you I apologize to you. I will do whatever I can to make sure that this never happens again.
    To the staff who were afk for five minutes to do something and returned to a strike, I am sorry. As staff we should have each others backs. I am sorry for not getting on while you were away momentarily, causing you to be striked for my ignorance. It is wrong for me to leave fellow staff members that work so hard for this community in such an unfair position. My ignorance towards my job as a staff member has caused you to be punished. I will do whatever I can to make sure that this never happens again.
    To the SMTs who have dedicated their lives to this community and spend hours upon hours keeping the server a fun and friendly place for it's players then come online to see a ratio of 0-64 while I was blatantly ignoring my duties I apologize. It is unfair to work so hard to see it come crashing down because I, who have promised to help the community, have ignored my job. There is no excuses for what happened. My ignorance should not cause your hard work to fall apart. I will do whatever I can to make sure that this never happens again.
    To anyone else that has been affected by what happened I am sorry. I should not have ignored the ratio like I did. I am sorry for causing you to suffer while I was having fun RPing. I will do whatever I can to make sure that this never happens again.
    If you do not accept this apology then I understand. While I ignored the fact people needed me as a staff member, I was having a fun time RPing. I should have been there when the community needed me instead of ignoring my role as staff.
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  14. Ryan The Epic Guy added a post in a topic tmods cant bring   

    I tagged SMT so they would see I needed my tags fixed.
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  15. Ryan The Epic Guy added a post in a topic Munchies - Sorry letter   

    Appology accepted.
    I have to commend you for owning up to your wrongdoings. Not very many people do.
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