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  1. CPT Alpha added a post in a topic gl0w Locke's Moderator Application   

    -Good Donor Mod 
    -Good RPER 
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  2. CPT Alpha added a topic in Accepted   

    Alpha's Support App.
    In-Game Name: Alpha.
    Steam Name: [GL] Alpha
    SteamID:  STEAM_0:0:122481072
    Are you a Moderator+? Yes.
    How often are you on TeamSpeak? Every Day.
    Do you have a working quality mic? Yes.
    What timezone are you in? Central.
    Why would you want to join our Support team? As being the person I am, I am always Striving to be the most I can be. And being support would allow me to be even more helpful to the community. 
    Are you a friendly person that can uphold the reputation of our Support team? If so, how are you a friendly person? Well, when I joined the server I made such a reputation of myself for how I acted that I have gone into PD Command, ARU and Became Staff on this server within two months. Now I bet you're thinking "Hes only been on the server for to months? Well, he must have no idea what he's doing"
    but I can assure you that based on prior experience with staff and also being taught by my peers that I have a very good knowledge of how things should be handled.
    How would you greet someone that has a problem in one of our support channels? I would start off by introducing myself and what server I'm staff on, then proceed to ask them what I could help them with and fix the problem.
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  3. CPT Alpha added a post in a topic trial-mod application   

  4. CPT Alpha added a topic in Accepted   

    LT Alpha Staff App
    What is your in-game name?: LT Alpha
    What is your steam name?: Alpha
    What is your steam ID?: STEAM_0:0:122481072
    Do you have any other experience with staffing?: (If yes, explain) Yes, I was a Mod on a MethRP Server Called Sideways Gaming, for about a year till it shut down.
    What date did you start playing in the community? (roughly) April 20th this year, around there
    What date did you make your forums account? April 25 this year
    Current rank on server (This is a ULX rank ONLY! Not a RP Rank)? V.I.P
    How many warns do you have on the server? 2
    Have you donated? Yes.
    What rank are you applying for? Trail Mod
    Have you read the staff guidelines at http://gaminglight.com/main/topic/8889-staff-handbook/? You will be tested on it: Yes.
    Timezone: Central
    Permission (Admin+ need this):
    Why do you believe that you deserve the rank? (Can be any length) Well if been on the server for a while now and I feel that since I'm in ARU and PD Command that I am well known as an all around good player and I follow the rules as I know them (Wich ik some people don't).
    How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you? well, I would proceed to tell them to watch their language as they are in a sit and if they refuse they will be muted till needed to be to speak, then read what they did wrong and give the correct punishment based on what else he may have done.
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  5. CPT Alpha added a topic in Archives   

    LT Alpha CPT App
    Name: LT Alpha
    UTime (Screenshot with Your name in it!) : It's Broken so I'd say maybe a 2.5 Weeks
    How long you have been in your rank (The rank you currently are): About Two Weeks
    Current rank:  LT
    Rank Wanted:  CPT
    Are you Currently In a Gang? (Be Honest Don't lie!): Nope.
    How many warns do you have? 1 (I Tazed Nim0)
    Permission(Not required If applying for Lt-Cpt): COL NoOne Told Me to
    Why should I be promoted? : Well I am Very active and know how things should be ran, I have plenty of knowledge on how higher command ranks should be handled and I know that I can handle it the role. I’m active and good at my job in ARU and also PD LT. im experienced with about as much as you can get on the server. (Bank Raids, Hostages, Suicides, Pursuits, and other things). So that's why I feel I can be A higher part of PD Command!
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  6. CPT Alpha added a post in a topic Toxic's Lieutenant Application   

    +Sup p ort
    -Knows the rules 
    -good "RPer"
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  7. CPT Alpha added a topic in Archives   

    Alphas LT App (fixed)
    Name: SGT Alphas 978
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:122481072
    UTime (Screenshot with Your name in it!): Its Broken so Id say maybe a Week
    How long you have been in your rank (The rank you currently are): 5 days
    Current Rank: SGT
    Rank Wanted: LT
    Are you Currently In a Gang? (Be Honest Don't lie!): No, I only RP ounce not apart of the PD and that's when I first joined.
    How many warns do you have? 0
    Permission(Not required If applying for Lt-Cpt): https://prnt.sc/fmh7lr
    Why should I be promoted? :
    I know the rules and never got warned for breaking them, I'm really good with handling tons of people and I feel like there could be more higher ups on and I am pretty active so I could help as Low Command. Being recently accept for ARU I am pretty good with high-risk situations and know how they should be handled. I also think they way some OFC/SNR (low ranking PD) should be treating people and our things difrently, being apart of command that could be changed. and I now I understand how things should run and when they dont the right action to choose to stop it. I feel thats why I should be LT
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  8. CPT Alpha added a post in a topic StackableGold's App   

    We were both given permission to Apply https://prnt.sc/fmh7lr
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