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  1. Soileau added a post in a topic Should I be A T-Mod?   

    In number 15, you will "gag and minge them for 600 seconds" I don't see why you would do that then ask them to calm down. Then you would "Ask what the problem is" which the problem is stated in the question, then you would "Minge them for the appropriate time" which with that wording I feel like you don't know exactly how long you should be minging them for.
    Number 6 is not answered even though that is one of the easiest questions.
    You ULX rank is apparently still user as well, so I feel like you don't even care enough to join the steam group and with that I don't know how you would be dedicated enough for staff.
    This application has terrible effort
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  2. Soileau added a post in a topic Arnold Duck's SuperAdmin App   

    Arnold is a great and dedicated member of the staff team which would make a great Superadmin.
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  3. Soileau added a post in a topic Tactical Leaning   

    Seems pretty sick
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  4. Soileau added a post in a topic Jone's Staff Report (ScreenShots Updated)   

    Pictures make it hard to prove that he switched from MP just to punish you. Also "A miss click" probably wouldn't destroy a quad seeing as how you need to shoot a vehicle multiple times to blow it up.
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  5. Soileau added a post in a topic Remove Taliban Immunity During Wars   

    If making them KOS during war is too much I would suggest there are only certain areas they would be KOS in, such as capture points.
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  6. Soileau added a post in a topic General Soileau's Big Boy Resignation   

    Yeah, It was that and whitelisting a few SPCs for pointman
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  7. Soileau added a post in a topic Link's Game Master App   

    Great man
    Knows how to to the job 
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  8. Soileau added a post in a topic Injoker’s 11 month late introduction   

    Yeah, that intro is just a tiny bit late
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  9. Soileau added a post in a topic General Soileau's Big Boy Resignation   

    I'll miss you Marty
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  10. Soileau added a topic in RU Military   

    General Soileau's Big Boy Resignation
    Well, after about an hour of contemplating how to type this here it goes. After a fairly great first year I have learned a great deal of things from the people here and I believe I have had some fairly decent character building. I have enjoyed myself here and getting to my position. But after this long year I have noticed that the group I knew when I started is all gone and I believe it is my time. Lately I have seen that these newer or returning players are a bunch of slackers who get free ranks from commanders who have no regard for promotion cool downs and no one listens to any warning.
    I will be on the server from time to time, all I ask for is SGEN
    Some honorable mentions (If I don't mention you, you probably were just a slacker, someone with bad attitude or I just forgot to mention you):
    Alsher: Love ya, I was hoping you would stay longer. Best GOA I've known.
    John: You are doing good man
    Maxim: You are the only person I think ever did a really good job at commander. 
    Eiffel: Miss you, wish you stayed longer. You were a really good commander and a huge upgrade from the one before you.
    Buk Lau: Great guy, I miss your fake accent
    Clout: You're crazy dude (Only mentioning him cause he will kill me if I don't)
    Scheffer: I think you are doing a great job at GEN and SA
    Adam/Jackal: You were a really good friend and leader when I started playing
    Gustard: I miss you and I wish you could have stayed longer.
    Matricies:  You were a great commander and you are doing well as BG, I hope you get far
    Alistair: I miss your accent
    Williamm: You were a great Danish person
    Reborn: I miss playing Rust with you
    Colt45: I hope you get GOA soon, I remember you being here when I first played, I know you will go far
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  11. Soileau added a post in a topic Truth's Staff Application   

    Nice and likable
    Knows the rules
    Respectful towards others
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  12. Soileau added a post in a topic RU Military turning into the USSR   

    I mean, if that's what you want to call it. But changing it would do nothing
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  13. Soileau added a post in a topic Core Roll Call [6/3 - 6/13]   

    Do you copy and post the part I quoted as well?  Because it said "Below"

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  14. Soileau added a post in a topic Knife Giveaway   

    You know, I was going to use that joke, but it's just really stale and unoriginal 
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  15. Soileau added a post in a topic New General Playermodel   

    Now that is a poppin' outfit Mr. Snook 
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