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  1. John Coxs added a topic in Denied   

    Clearlight Staff Report
    Your In-Game Name: John Coxs
    Your SteamID: STEAM_1:0:61594940
    Staff member's In-Game Name: [GL] ClearLight
    What did they do? I was falsely warned, and the personally attacked by the staff member
    Breakdown Before recording
    > I requested an admin in the beginning to assist me because i was being shot at by a minge cop.
    >> After the car have been shot up and exploded, I proceeded to step out of the vehicle and fix it.
    > Upon fixing my car "CLEARLIGHT" Appeared and picked up me up
    >> I clearly stated in my microphone "I NO LONGER NEED A SIT I"M FIXING MY CAR"
    > He Proceed to keep physgunning me
    >> So I ran off the building and ran back to my car
    > As i ran back to my car I Received a warning for " leaving a sit"
    >>Then Right after that I was minged for 600 seconds or something along the line of 5 minutes
    >He then teleported back to me 
    >> Stating Oh you wanna speak with the admin who minged you? Even though another admin had already shown up to try and speak with me.
    > So ClearLight Picks me up as i already knew he had a person vandetta against me
    >> I proceeded to tell him to leave me alone and that I do not want to speak with him. But he forced me to and then he minged me again
    Evidence (REQUIRED):

    What do you think is an acceptable punishment?
    Training, Demotion, I really don't care I just don't like warnings and people like this keep giving them to me instead of thinking logically.
    I just want the warning removed
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  2. John Coxs added a topic in Denied   

    False Warn Report
    Your In-game: SM John Coxs
    Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:61594940 The admin's name in-game: Multiple The admin's steam name (If you know it): Unsure What warning did you receive: I've received multiple false warnings Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED):  Unable to provide when these happen I'm never recording and screenshots did not do justice to provide evidence. Why do you think this warn was false: 
    I have a lot of false warns that I never really appealed when the right thing for me to do was appeal them in the past. The reason I didn't cause I didn't have a video proof so I never took the time to do so but the warns do tend to add up and make punishments more severe. So I decided to take this chance to get this corrected, I'm very aware of the rules but I do get into wrong place at the wrong time. I like to roleplay 100% but everyone seems to believe just cause someone made it a real it wouldn't happen in the real world. You can't force someone to think a certain way it detours from the semi-serious aspect of the server.

    Example ~ There are cops that get robbed and just cause their a cop doesn't mean they need 3 different people on them to fall into fearRP. 
    There people who get a gun pulled on them and not afraid.  There is multiple things that I think should appeal if you have fear of dying then you would put your hands up. I've been warned for multiple things for talking back just I wanted to explain myself so they would have a better understanding. There also cases where people would protect their friends, if its their friends causing problems its always verbal when its someone else for the same problem instant warns.

    I would love a chance to rewrite my wrongs with a clean slate

    Like when I was removed from staff cause of valkyrie over a personal vindictive reason, I end up losing my job ranks, admin rank, support staff, over something personal. 
    I just want to talk to someone on teamspeak and see if we could break some ground and just speak and share ideas

    I don't know where i'm going with this i kinda started venting Main goal: Removal of warnings Any extra information:
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  3. John Coxs added a post in a topic PoliceRP Lag fix   

    Do you have a screenshot of this and I'm 100% sure a microsoft registry is not causing it. After removing all the awesome renderer your game will run smooth the entire time. This only affects specific people it seems.

    If your game runs find when you join and it starts becoming very choppy just check it see if it says hl2 (#number) that means you may have these automatically open. Easy fix so that your game runs lag free.
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  4. John Coxs added a topic in General   

    PoliceRP Lag fix
    I know there has been tons of issues about lagging I've discovered a fixed that removes the lag for you.
    Step 1. Opening Task Manager
    Task manager can be open from doing CTRL+ALT+DEL 
    Right clicking on the taskbar and clicking on task manager

    2. Make sure you're on advanced and looked for HL2 or Garrysmod [Looks like image below]

    Step 3. Removing Awesomium Renderer (32 bit) if it says anything else remove it


    Remove it by right clicking and clicking end task
    do it for each one and your game will no longer crash or lag. Make sure to do it every time you are in the server or experiencing lag.

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  5. John Coxs added a post in a topic 10/04/17 - Update PoliceRP   

    Handcuff's from defendent (Stop Minges from un-cuffing peopleMake defendent a VIP job that would be nice
    Since you have to pay for Judge right?
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  6. John Coxs added a post in a topic Oreo's Tmod Application   

    After a quick over your application I can see where you're going but it's due to the inexperience that you have. Like so once you've minge a person you're not going to be able to hear them speak to you or type. I think you should play the server a little more before grabbing some powers because once you become a moderator you're giving up your right to roleplay and I do feel like you might do better at roleplaying for a while. 
    But my main reasons are
    inexperience ( You can gain that once you're a T-Mod)
    You're new ( Let's gets some more play time)
    You're a friendly member also request you be active in teamspeak maybe even helping people in-game will help you but don't be pushy with your help.
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  7. John Coxs added a post in a topic Andy's t-mod app   

    Reason: Poor Handling of Scenario / You don't deserve anything because of time in server / No Poll / Work on your warning history if they're not active and its been awhile good / 
    Why do you believe that you deserve the rank? (Can be any length) I deserve t-mod because I have been on this sever for 1 year and I go on this sever every day and I know every thing about this sever.
    How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you? I would ask the player why h/shee RDMed an other player and if he/she started cursing at me then I would minge him or her for at least 500 sec if they weren't listening.
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  8. John Coxs added a post in a topic Maverick Shaw Staff App   

    Reason: You would like to staff for GTAOnline not policeRP / You did not handle your scenario well that you created. / no vote /  You seem to not have any experience as a admin in my opinion even though you say you have been.
    Why do you believe that you deserve the rank? (Can be any length) I am a normal user and do not expect this app to be accepted however the GTA RP server is abandoned and no admins look over it, I would like to watch that one server everyday as there are many minges that I have encountered.
    How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you? first !jailtp secondly gag, explain to them why they are in a sit, un gag, if continued cursing gag, ask an admin to ban him/kick [most servers trial mods cannot ban/kick] [rarely warn for MassRDM]
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  9. John Coxs added a post in a topic HooDinis Tmod Applacation   

    My reason for giving -Support [ You haven't been on long enough to understand the rules. Within few days you've gotten 8 warnings / Refusal to read the handbook / No Vote ]
    What date did you start playing on the community? (roughly) september 14 2017
    What date did you make your forums account? aboutt september 15 2017
    How many warns do you have on the server? 8
    Have you read the staff guidelines at You will be tested on it: No
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  10. John Coxs added a post in a topic Sugars T-Mod Application   

    I reviewed your application and i liked based on your scenario you created. How you solved the dilemma and agree you should be given a chance, I don't like that you don't have experience but you can only grow by getting your hands dirty.
    For everyone else who gave negative support don't just quote others 
    Responding to own post allows him to explains himself 
     His warnings shouldn't define him it does show his past but it's about how can he handle things and his experience 
    Low post count can be because this forum is very active there is a few post here in there but it's not a back to back new post. 
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  11. John Coxs added a post in a topic New Job's/Weapons - Added to Donation store?   

    Everything can be mingy that should never be the reason to refuse something
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  12. John Coxs added a post in a topic New Job's/Weapons - Added to Donation store?   

    That is a very good question and another would be would the trailers also collide with vehicles and hopefully no crimes can be committed by truckers drivers  and a limitation of how much people can use it
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  13. John Coxs added a post in a topic New Job's/Weapons - Added to Donation store?   

    Trucker Job - Add a job where people can drive trucks and pick up trailers. (Multiple trucks and trailers would be added.) 
    How are we going to be using these big ass trucks on the little streets?

    Weapons: I'm ok with all of it
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  14. John Coxs added a post in a topic Support Team Application- Louie D2   

    Quality mic
    Has lots of room to grow to become great
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  15. John Coxs added a post in a topic Admin sits on GL...   

    This gave me a small chuckle 
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