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  1. LeTroll (Cole) added a topic in General   

    Pull the troops back to Ghazni!
    I just wanted to make this post to get a grasp on what everyone thinks. We switched over to cs_desert due to the fact Ghazni was used for so long, and it was a good choice. CS_desert has served us well and has been decently fun to play on, but there are a couple things wrong with it.
    We don't use half the mapIt's very unoptimizedIt is not designed for a Military RP server set around TDM and DominationLots of broken doors/buttons.Spawn lines are very iffy and hard to play around (A lot of complaints)I personally think it is time to switch back to Ghazni until the new map comes out. We have had our fun with this map and all its quirks and nostalgia, but there comes a time when the bad parts of a map really start to stand out. Correct, you may say "If we switch it, in a month, players will want to switch it to something else" and yes, that is how people are. This is inevitable and will happen regardless of what anyone does. But that is also why I'm making this thread. I would love to see what peoples thoughts are on going back to Ghazni for now and whether they'd like to or not and why.
    Don't meme on this post, keep it to one response only, no arguments, just write out your own thoughts.
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  2. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic RU mountain spawnline   

    I have honestly just started following the rule of if I see them on Mesa, they are KOS. The text sign is in a place that means this made up rule I have, works about 90% of the time. But then there's always that 10% of killing someone behind the line.
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  3. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic Tagooon's Staff Application   

    "Do you understand that any and all responses that are not unique and or quote a previous response will not be viewed as an actual answer."
    Boys boys boys, come on, at least give him a +support and not just press quote.
    -Long time player
    -Good comprehension of the rules.
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  4. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic Baiting & Spawn-Line Rant   

    There used to be a rule that and marksman behind the spawnline with a gun out was KOS, no matter where they are. I honestly feel this rule needs to be reinstated due to the ":I don't know if hes shot but I know hes looking at me" situations.
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  5. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic USAF AFSOC 1LT Ace Mistry's CPT Application   

    Best pilot the USAF has.
    Hell of a soldier
    Great communication.
    I would accept my self but I won't over step my boundaries.
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  6. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic RU Military turning into the USSR   

    Considering everyone is saying "It'll increase role-play", this has got to be a joke. Changing the name wont do anything except confuse players, make names longer, and have old players question "why?". This just seems like a group of people were in TS and someone said "USSR" and then they all talked for 15 minutes about changing the name.
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  7. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic Whiskey's MAJCOM App   

    Please refill this out with the answered filled in.
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  8. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic Batons for DI   

    I've talked to John about this and he was considering putting in stun batons, but not police batons. Don't know if that is still happening or not though. 
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  9. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic Change in Spawnline   

    This rule needs to be updated to match the current landmarks, such as RU Hill, and US Sandbags.
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  10. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic Hades Ranger Application   

    Mcfortnite looks like hes Chevron, a US and RU player. I can tell because of his profile pic. Hes quite an active player, you would know if you played a little.
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  11. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic US Drill Instructor Informational   

    Pre sure he just did Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V, but yea....
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  12. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic RU roster   

    The new roster is coming, just getting all the emails. Colt and I have been keeping it updated to the current roster so there should be no changes when it comes out.
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  13. LeTroll (Cole) added a topic in RU Military   

    Hello RU soldiers,
    With the recent change of Managers, the old roster was not transferred to the current Manager. Due to this, we have to remake the roster under John's name. The only problem with this is that all the emails that were added for roster access has now been removed. I could go through the old roster and check for emails and just copy that list, but there are some emails on there that are out dated and shouldn't be there. This will also give us a reference for which email actually belongs to people. Please fill out the following form, and once I feel like I have majority of the emails, I will add them and get the roster out to you guys as soon as possible.
    Thank you for the cooperation, we hope to get this up and running as smoothly as possible, just a couple hiccups.
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  14. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic Rotating Fog Schedule   

    I just don't see a logical way to do it. With the current state of the game, the best guns right now are Close range (Shotguns) and Far Range (Snipers, Accurate ARs). Lessening the fog right now will  make snipers too strong, and increasing fog will make close range too strong.
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  15. LeTroll (Cole) added a topic in Suggestions   

    Increased Transparancy on Dominition Points
    What you want to see? - Increase the transparency of the colored walls that appear when capturing a point.
    Why should we add it? - In some dark areas such as Classified and Gas Station, the colored walls can make it near impossible to see people inside other than their name tags.
    What are the advantages of having this? - It would allow players to enter points and feel more confident about seeing where people are.
    Who is it mainly for? - The entire server.
    Links to any content - N/A
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