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  1. Chris Kyle added a post in a topic Chris Kyle Resignation   

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  2. Chris Kyle added a topic in Airforce   

    Chris Kyle Resignation
    Hi guys, I have some bitter news.
    It only takes 24 hours to make a huge difference, good or bad. I feel as if the changes that Gaminglight have made in the course of the new year have been very unfortunately poor, removing my favorite branch of Navy and forcing the remaining members to move to a different branch to continue their duties but at a different rate and schedule was the start. I had so many memories in the Navy and I remember my beginning instructor Sandman teaching me as an Enlisted all the way to a Seal was amazing, and throughout the events that the Seals took part were unforgettable, them being removed was a sadness.
    I never complained about it too much as I was guaranteed the same rank and responsibilities just as a different representative, I of course was also compensated to being given the same weapon of choice which has served me through the entire US faction in the Marksman special forces. Having the recent change in loadout and job removals of almost all the Special Forces has convinced me of the last straw that I can't stand, many of you know the disadvantage sometimes the US faction gets when facing against the opposing one, weaponry has been a problem in my eye and game play becomes very tedious to handle when you are using something that cannot benefit you a chance to defeat the opponent; I have found that my personal title of American Sniper has been stripped away, for I can no longer accommodate any of the fellow troops Marksman support, as I do not have a proper weapon to do so that belonged to the SF.
    I am by no way saying I am leaving because I can't be my wanted branch or a special forces, I have other reasons, such as the responsibilities of an officer have been very hard to accommodate lately. I want to have some balance in what I play and do in my time and it becomes stressful to think I could lose my position for simply not being on, I try to be on for every other day for at least one or two wars and talk with everyone on Teamspeak. But the knowing that I have a too high of rank for someone maybe not as active is stressful to think I could lose it, this is a completely normal thing! I am sure many of the fellow officers have felt the same way, and it is completely fine to admit that the job gets too hard and is time to let it go to someone else who may have a better time with the position. If someone else could do my job instead of me, or even better, it would make me happy and say it was worth the time I had to make for the next person.
    I hope you all understand my decisions, and it has been a great run with the community. I want to thank everyone who has been with me through it, the Air Force Commander for having me and the leading General for understanding me along the way. I especially want to thank Tempest the Military police commander and now the Marines commander for getting me back in the community, you really helped me with many things and I cant thank you enough.
    I will stop by the forums once in a while to check in, but until then I will see you all next time!
    Thank you for allowing me to be a part of Gaminglight!
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  3. Chris Kyle added a post in a topic USAF Meeting 2/17/18   

    Name: Chris Kyle
    Rank: LTC
    Reason you cannot attend (personal just put personal): Drivers Training
    Can you fly Helicopters/ Jets?: Absolutely not lol
    Preferred time range for meeting:
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  4. Chris Kyle added a topic in Airforce   

    Returning from Sick LOA
    Managed to be able to make it to school, I can get back on now and participate in some wars and attend any debriefs or tryouts or anything else in-game for the time being.
    I am pushing myself to get in the game, I hope the chain in command can give me some minor slack for poor conditions that I will be performing temporarily until I am at a full recovery.
    Thank you for reading!
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  5. Chris Kyle added a post in a topic What happened to Mr. Valkyri3?   

    My absolute and utmost sincere regards to Zeeptin and the community, the disrespect at the highest level of trust was broken and I hope everyone on the management team can recover from this accident. Hope everything gets better.
    Sincerely ~ LTC Chris Kyle
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  6. Chris Kyle added a post in a topic Roll Call ENDS 2/17/18   

    it didnt specify what rank or what title to comment below, so I just thought I would do it.
    Sent from Mobile.
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  7. Chris Kyle added a post in a topic Chris Kyle Sick LOA   

    Turns out it might be worse than I thought, its symptoms of influenza; or the Flu. I hope this passes quick I really hate this sickness because I literally cant do anything I just have to let it pass.
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  8. Chris Kyle added a post in a topic Roll Call ENDS 2/17/18   

    Name: Chris Kyle
    Rank: 1LT
    *COUGH* *COUGH* Still sick :(
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  9. Chris Kyle added a topic in Airforce   

    Chris Kyle Sick LOA
    In unfortunate events, I have cought a cold. After returning from my last LOA I am now entering a new one for a sick period.
    I apologise for the inconvenience but these things just happen and have to let its course flow, when I return I shall be guaranteeing that I shall be on a great active period for you all.
    Thank you for understanding and take care!
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  10. Chris Kyle added a post in a topic Perry's Head of Staff Application   

    Oops I dropped this...
    Very good person, he deserves it.
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  11. Chris Kyle added a topic in Airforce   

    Chris Kyle LOA
    Hey guys Chris Kyle here,
    I am going to be on an LOA for a little bit. I have been having some Garry's Mod problems Ughhhh yes, Garry's Mod, you know how it is. 
    Too many addons that eventually start ****ing each other and I gotta break them up, but as far as Garry's Mod I am having some extra time doing my Drivers Training course which has been a curve ball for me on attending any meetings that happen on Saturdays, as that is when I take my course.
    Hope this lets everyone know why I am not gonna be on in a bit, I will still be on forums just in-game is a bit difficult at the moment *Whips my Garry's Mod with my baton*.
    p.s. Don't worry guys the President is safe with me, can we get some dry towels though?
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  12. Chris Kyle added a post in a topic USAF Meeting 2/10/18   

    Name: Chris Kyle
    Rank: LTC
    Reason you cannot attend (personal just put personal): I have Drivers Training for the next 6 weeks and my LOA will also interfere with the meeting as well.
    What you cannot attend (Meeting, PT, or Both): Meeting
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  13. Chris Kyle added a post in a topic USAF Meeting 2/3/18 (Changes)   

    NooooooOO! gtigthsfrgknelgkrjrkjldsdfsdfndxf,n,nxfdxn,fd
    Sorry just found out it was a joke, my head hurts from my keyboard.
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  14. Chris Kyle added a post in a topic USAF Meeting 2/3/18 (Changes)   

    ;-; I am new so I am sorry.
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  15. Chris Kyle added a topic in Airforce   

    Introducing myself
    Hello everyone,
    My name is Chris Kyle, I am a former Navy officer and member before the branch was shut down and have now decided to join the Air Force branch. I am irl an Air Force ROTC cadet, so I thought this would be a good decision to join a branch I am familiar with. I am also very excited to work with the branch officers and Commanders including Tumz, as I am very thankful for his opportunity he has given me to be part of this branch.
    Some information about me and my experience, I am a former Navy branch Commander for about 3 months until resignation. 1600 hours of the source engines training on using snipers and just plain experience, and I am hoping to use this knowledge to help out my new community of the Air Force!
    Thank you for reading I hope to play with all of you soon!
    p.s. Guys stop teepeeing my tent, I have whipadilly in my sights and I can't focus!
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