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  1. -Unknown- added a post in a topic Nolan's Resignation   

    you have been a great manager and did some great things for the community. Thanks for keeping our experiences with gaminglight good and thank you for staying with the community for so long.
    We will all miss you, hope to see you on the server from time to time :(
    -Bob Bob
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  2. -Unknown- added a topic in Secret Service   

    SS SA Bob Bob - resignation
    In-Game Name: SS SA Bob Bob XS16
    Rank: Special Agent / CAT Operative / FTO Trainee
    Reason for leaving: I'd rather focus on command and maybe a tac unit so won't have time for SS and I don't like everyone getting slammed for not showing up to the meeting.
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  3. -Unknown- added a post in a topic Count down from 100   

    99 98 97 96 95 94 93 92 91 90.....
    11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
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  4. -Unknown- added a post in a topic Better PD Playermodles   

    +Support for the command models as our current command models look the same as any other rank but I don't know about the rest.
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  5. -Unknown- added a post in a topic Dissapointed   

    I can't make ss meetings that are at 2 and 1 am
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  6. -Unknown- added a post in a topic PS4 Or XBOX   

    PC comes before any... PS4 comes before xbox
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  7. -Unknown- added a post in a topic BrycE’s T-MOD Application   

    Sorry but you are a known Minge throughout the community and have a high number of warns. If you improve your attitude to the server and player base over the next month and don't receive any warns in that time I would probably give you a + support.
    -Colonel Bob Bob
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  8. -Unknown- added a post in a topic The Cartelz App, SOP, And Roster   

    Did you take Forrests PD roster and turn it into your cartel roster?
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  9. -Unknown- added a post in a topic Photon   

    It was laggy, most of the police cars didn't work, cars that have been paid for to be made won't work, and police lights cause lag if there are more than 1 in an area.
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  10. -Unknown- added a post in a topic Police Dispatch Tab   

    Dispatch is a part of PD, if anything just get a subforum under the police section.
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  11. -Unknown- added a post in a topic Mini game V.2   

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  12. -Unknown- added a post in a topic Jhonson's Minging Apology   

    This looks like a half hearted attempt to get on people's good sides again. This apology says to me that you don't take any blame for your wrong doings so are not worthy of withholding a good rank in any of the departments. Maybe if you put some effort into your apology and acctually recognised YOUR wrong doings, you would be seen as alright.
    -Colonel Bob Bob
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  13. -Unknown- added a post in a topic Warn System Reset For Everyone   

    It's cause players with high warns to think they have immunity and gain another 30 or so warnings after if this happens.
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  14. -Unknown- added a post in a topic A few small PD suggestions   

    when PD dont respond, tac units will complain about it that weve not gone to set up roadblocks and help out
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  15. -Unknown- added a post in a topic What would be a model staff app??   

    Look through to accepted ones and see for yourself if any are good, I know there will be some pretty good ones
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