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  1. Wezzy added a post in a topic Rangiatea's intro   

    U gonna try to work for that FBI COS agian lol
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  2. Wezzy added a post in a topic Speedy Valvano Intro x3   

    "Cursed" My god only OGS will remember that name
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  3. Wezzy added a post in a topic Alsher's 72 hour notice   

    Come on down to the retirement home with the me and the Bois. 
     Alsher- "comes into navy is channel" Hey uhh can someone help me write down the damage, and fire rate of the weapons for the next update. 
    Me- ok I will help
    Alsher- alright u guys got tacs to place down to respawn here? 
    Me- no
    Alsher- Wezzy u poor boi
    1 hour later after we're done 
    Alsher- gets grenade launcher and bombs us the **** away to hell. 
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  4. Wezzy added a post in a topic Where do you want to live when older?   

    Living in the big apple ? (NYC) and that's where I think I'm going to stay since I travel alot and this is where I like it best
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  5. Wezzy added a post in a topic Ludde`s Staff Application   

    might as well just accept it rn
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  6. Wezzy added a post in a topic Ludde`s Return?   

    Oi m8 when im off  loa were patrolling agian
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  7. Wezzy added a post in a topic Yo I'm BaShawn (1 Year and 5 Month intro)   

    Chief pablo 
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  8. Wezzy added a post in a topic zayn - False Warn Appeal   

    - support
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  9. Wezzy added a post in a topic Bwuakas 1 year anniversary!   

    Bwuaka better play hide and seek
    ~ ur old pal Wezzy
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  10. Wezzy added a topic in General Discussions   

    GG ON 26000 MEMBERS
    Good job everyone on 26000 steam group members

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  11. Wezzy added a post in a topic Chilies MPC/MPCC App   

    he got perma for what?
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  12. Wezzy added a topic in Military Police   

    Wezzys MPC/MPCC application
    1. What is your in game name?: Wezzy
    2. What is your rank?(both MP and normal): RU COL/WO2
    3. Who would like to see you as MPCC/MPC?(optional):
    4. Why would we trust you to be a MPCC/MPC?: the reason i feel like i should be trusted with this high rank is due to the fact that i very trustable and very well know in the community. (atlest i hope) I also i have experience from being a russian core Colonel that everthing i do will and is monitored. I am also very active through the months i have spent within military rp. I have never been demoted ethier. I can also always be contacted throughout discord, steam, teamspeak etc... these are the multiple reason i fell i should be trusted for this high of a rank.
    5. Why do you want to be MPCC/MPC?: the reasons i would like to become ethier of these ranks are because i dont see many people within the mp active on there jobs or the server and i would like this to change. Also as a high rank i would like to accept application for those that i feel like are doing a good job. I am also will put all the effort i put into the core and give it to the mp. I also want to make mp a regiment to look up to and think "wow i really want to join mp" the reasoning behind this is ive see multiple tryouts held yet no one showed up. These are multiple reasons i would like to become on of these rank above.
    6. How active can you be?: weekends but i belive that might change
    7. How many warns do you have?: 0
    8. How many strikes do you have?: 1 from 2 months ago
    9. What would your first order of business be as MPCC/MPC?: my first order of business would be to have a roll call and remove everyone that doesnt reaspond but the people removed will have 3 days to message me via fourms to have there rank back but they would have to give a reason for not reasponding.
    Thank you for taking your time to read this have a great day. 
    Btw the reason i am not on the roster is because i was accidently removed and never added back 
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  13. Wezzy added a post in a topic CHIKENS Staff Application   

    good luck brother
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  14. Wezzy added a post in a topic No Longer In Use   

    Name: RU GRU COL WO2 Wezzy
    Rank: Colonel
    Reason: i will be at out on some sort of "date"
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  15. Wezzy added a post in a topic RU Core Guns need changes   

    Need better guns
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