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  1. Illuminati added a topic in General   

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    There is another funny RP situation that I was involved in. I hope this brings some laughs and smiles to everyone!
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  2. Illuminati added a post in a topic FBI Improvements   

    You watched a video, but you obviously didn't read the content of the post. You're focused on a semi-serious RP, but your comment just now was serious to IRL. So, back to IRL since that is how you want to talk. He became a criminal when he prevented responding units from providing backup to an officer down in a hostile situation. He was also holding a gun and obstructing, he wasn't going to move any other way. No rule was broken and serious in nature, he became corrupt which is against the rules and he was incapacitated as any cop would do to criminal with a gun. Pick and choose your battles.
    ----End Comment to Gaur, starting rant about general comments----
    I want EVERYONE here to understand that I am not out to get anyone's job nor am I upset or triggered that I was demoted. These situations were already handled by a Manager. I made it VERY clear to everyone involved from day one that I had NO intent to be the director. Although I was the Deputy Director in the past, I just wanted to see positive change in the FBI and positive change starts with a positive leadership/director. Don't think that by me saying "the director should change" was inferring a new director altogether. What I meant was he needs to change his personality, how he treats his subordinates and re-evaluate his leadership style. 
    Take this a piece of advice, "ASSumptions make an ASS out of you and me". Instead of assuming what you think happened in a conversation you weren't apart of or further more taking part in rumors and then spreading them, you should be directly to the sources involved and ask questions to obtain clarity. So, at the end of the day if y'all would just ask questions instead of making statements you feel you're entitled to make because of your rank or tag then there would be less fighting and more understanding. LEARN TO WORK TOGETHER.
    P.S. I felt the FBI should be highest because IRL jurisdictions go from top to bottom Federal, State, County, City. Again, another ASSumption y'all are making against me. Do you always bully and force people to be victims by the statements you make?
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  3. Illuminati added a post in a topic FBI Improvements   

    False, NoOne and I had a chat today one on one and we both apologized for our actions. He agreed that I wasn't out to get his job and if you talk to other members of the FBI, they will tell you that I want @johnathan to take over the rank of Director, only if NoOne was seen unfit and then @ColeSoft Grey become Deputy Director and them two together would chose whom is best for low command. I never once stated I wanted any position in command. Ultimately I can advise anyone at any rank in any position without even being apart of a group, hence advising. End of the day, get your facts straight, stop making assumptions and stop trying to ruin someones character and reputation over something you have no involvement with and known little about besides rumors.
    Thank you for your thought provoking entry on this post, I can see it took you a lot of time to type this and that is appreciated. You are right about everything real life FBI you've stated however, this is Garry's Mod not real life and my suggestions had to fit that of a GMod community while still staying somewhat close to realism. You obviously haven't read my other post, watched the views or read any of the comments, if you have you'd see that all you discussion points have already been answered in detail, due to that I won't waste any further time on your post. Go back, read, research and get the answers for yourself, I clearly laid all of them out here for you on the forums. I have been in contact with SMT from day one and certain aspects were handled to my satisfaction and others couldn't be handled because it's a donator class, which is understandable.
    When you have heart and passion for something, you tend to want to fight for it. Again, NoOne and I had a convo today and that was one thing we agreed on. He even stated that I would make a great command team member for the FBI however, i'm no longer pursuing that route as I now know that administration basically wants FBI as is. It'll just be a waste of my time, effort and energy. I'd rather put that towards another department that will appreciate it and actually benefit from my past experiences and leadership.
    There are only two or three FBI Agents that are strongly against me, the rest and others that aren't against me back me up 100% and Toxic even said today that I stirred a lot of pots, but brought up some awesome points that are under consideration by SMT. It was Toxic that told me to make this suggestion post, which by the way has NOTHING to do with me trying to obtain a position. Read the post word by word and take it for what it actually states instead of your erroneous microanalysis of it. Thanks again!
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  4. Illuminati added a post in a topic FBI Improvements   

    I'm a Senior Paramedic and Rapid Response in the EMS, i'm also in the PD. I chose FBI because I seen potential. I was demoted from SAIC to SA down to PA then promoted back up to Senior Special and all my strikes will be removed and i'll get my SAIC rank back. I spoke to NoOne today directly as well as Toxic and we had a very enlightening meeting on why certain things can't be done or improved on in the FBI. NoOne understands that he has things to improve on as well personally to be a better Director within the FBI, taking into consideration the restrictions placed on him because FBI is a Donator job. 
    Please, before you do spouting off what you think you know, as i've told others before, seek the truth and ask questions. Most importantly, don't involve yourself in drama that isn't yours. Those two bits of advice will save you from a lot issues down the road. All you need to know is that those issues have been resolved and that it doesn't have any weight to the suggestions posted here. NoOne may be the proper Director for the job, but we have to want to see it.
    Can you post why you negative support? There are like 10 things listed in the post. Your negative support will be ignored if you don't provide something substantial to back it, other than you dislike me because I posted a video you going corrupt. :'D That's all i'll say about that here.... @Jake Croft
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  5. Illuminati added a post in a topic FBI Improvements   

    Suggestion format was followed although I didn't copy and paste, all aspects are present and everything covered. This is a cleaner presentation of the suggestion.
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  6. Illuminati added a post in a topic Bring back photon   

    +1 Support - VCMod and Photon can actually work in unison. It has a nicer light setup, more options and it's free. I have heard that it can cause more lag at times.
    On a side note, @Fame can you please cut down or minimize your signature, it's too damn big. It takes up the same space that three would to make a reply :'D thanks!
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  7. Illuminati added a topic in Archive   

    FBI Improvements
    Upon trying to create multiple posts in the FBI forums to promote a better and healthier FBI, those posts were locked and I was requested to make a suggestion post so that all our voices can be heard. Here is what i'm suggesting:
    FBI Director, someone that will be active, stand up for the FBI, fight for our position within the community and has the "all in" teamwork/leadership attitude to foster growth.SOP needs to be updated as it is not clear and too broad in its wording.Evaluations should be given for promotions.Promotions shouldn't be based only on time or friendships/who you know.FBI should have highest authority and most responsibility as it's Federal and it's members are financially committed to GamingLight. Striked because FBI is Donator and Administration doesn't want them to have "ultimate" authority. -Illuminati 03/06/18 1755 hoursImplementation of Incident Command System for all Departments.Restructuring of FBI as a whole.If someone pays for a position within a community and then gets banned, that is a failure on the end of faction leadership or administration. People don't just pay for things and then throw their money out the window. We need to learn how to deal with people better. A ban doesn't solve all issues. Understand there is an issue and brainstorm for ways to correct it.
    Previous posts within FBI to support suggestions listed above:

    @ColeSoft Grey @johnathan @Velvet Yuki
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  8. Illuminati added a post in a topic PD Obstructing FBI from entering Bank during Raid   

    Incident Commander ResponsibilitiesThe Incident Commander is the individual responsible for all incident activities, including the development of strategies and tactics and the ordering and the release of resources. The Incident Commander has overall authority and responsibility for conducting incident operations and is responsible for the management of all incident operations at the incident site.
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  9. Illuminati added a post in a topic PD Obstructing FBI from entering Bank during Raid   

    What does that have to do with anything? :'D
    I told NoOne during a discussion "his leadership was coming off to me as that of a Dictatorship" as he was in-game with the name FBI Supreme Commander NoOne (there is a post in FBI forums regarding this with evidence). He then said "oh yeah? I'll show you Dictator" and then demoted me to Special Agent. This situation was already being handled by a Manager and should be disregarded for purposes of this post.
    Naby, please in the future, ask questions and seek the truth for yourself before making blind statements on situations you weren't apart of. Thanks.
    Again, FBI High Command was not online during time of the raid, he was playing as cop and didn't switch to FBI. However, SWAT is still in charge of the bank raid and Kade was the Incident Commander. Whatever the Incident Commander of a situation says, goes. We were following orders. Have you watched the video? All these questions are answered in the video already.
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  10. Illuminati added a post in a topic PD Obstructing FBI from entering Bank during Raid   

    My Authority was given by SWAT whom had on scene command and was recorded in the first 30 seconds of the video. On their command, we pushed into bank. Given the time of night, no other tactical units available and what PD did to try and stop us, SWAT made the decision. So you are saying that PD would've been able to enter before the FBI? In what logic does that even make sense? Obviously from this post you can see that the community members want FBI to be able to have the authority and more responsibility. I get told all the time the RP with FBI is far better than PD or most other law enforcement factions.
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  11. Illuminati added a post in a topic PD Obstructing FBI from entering Bank during Raid   

    I agree that our own Penal Code should be created however, at the time of this incident we didn't have one so, it was only right to assume that all US laws are enforceable. That being said, Jake went corrupt, it was caught on bodycam with witnesses and should be punished as such. I was also given information that he was promoted too quickly and possibly even jumped ranks from Lt. to Capt. If there were to be an internal affairs over the PD, this would be the best time for them.
    To me, I feel that the FBI should be given the most power as a Federal entity, they have the highest jurisdiction. On a business note, nobody spends their hard earned money just to get a special position and minge with it to be banned. That is like throwing money right out the window. When someone donates to the community they are supporting GamingLight and are becoming financially committed to the cause. The people whom should have the power and the say should be the donators as they keep the server alive by their funds. In any other non-profit or even for-profit corporation, thats how it works. People like me in the FBI are investors to GamingLight, we have the best interests of GL at heart and we put our money on the table to prove it. People who donate and then get banned have typically been misdirected or administration failed in some way to help the player and those cases should be investigated further.
    Lets say you do provide the FBI the power, jurisdiction and authority, what makes them any different than the other police factions you have? They are the only paid for faction and their command structure. Look at who you have command. If you don't trust the FBI, it's because you don't trust the command. Change it. Get the structure setup and in place, provide some more responsibility and authority then evaluate them. If all goes well, consider providing more. IF the FBI command decides to stretch the given foot to a mile, then back them down again. The FBI setup is as it is now because of Valk, it's time for a review to make it more realistic. At the end of the day, whom investigates corruption? the FBI. New Penal Code, who is going to enforce that it is followed at all law enforcement levels, should be the FBI as they are Federal. Local PD shouldn't be telling the FBI they can or can't do something, it's wrong all around and we all know it.
    At the time we were racing against  the clock during a bank raid and I had a Sheriff on the inside being shot at and his backup being denied entry. I would've called an admin, but I decided it was best to handle it RP wise and that he'd call an admin anyways for RDM, which he did and the admin warned me for RDM. I'd like that warn removed.
    The fact is Johnathan, there simply isn't enough written material, policy, procedure or guidelines on who does what given a certain scenario. We couldn't possibly sit down and write up every possible "what if" situation. In my view and from what little information I was able to read during my research, Kade was SWAT and SWAT is first and foremost in charge of bank robberies. That being said, Kade had "On Scene Command". Kade gave the order for FBI to move into bank, which only makes sense because besides him there was only one other Sheriff online at the time. No other tactical unit was responding. Even with this whole situation unfolding and my quick thinking actions in leadership, we as cooperative team successfully ended the bank robbery with one officer casualty primarily caused by Captain Jake not allowing backup inside, so that life is on him and of course all suspects down.
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  12. Illuminati added a post in a topic PD Obstructing FBI from entering Bank during Raid   

    There was 1 Sheriff, 1 SWAT (Kade) and 4 FBI online. Of course SWAT wasn't going to proceed alone; it's only natural to request assistance from FBI. Jake wasn't going to move at all and the robbers were still in the bank. He was blocking all the FBI and the one SWAT from going inside. Tag that along with him being a criminal for his actions and then warned three times, I feel the shooting was justified in the eyes of the law. On another note, there isn't a written rule about Federal Agents shooting Cops, but again, in that moment Jake went from Cop to Corrupt Cop Criminal by breaking the law himself.
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  13. Illuminati added a post in a topic PD Obstructing FBI from entering Bank during Raid   

    th3watchful, please quote to me or reference where it says a Federal Agent can't shoot a Cop that goes corrupt and becomes a criminal. You can not dispute the fact that he was obstructing us from doing our job that we were tasked to do by SWAT. Since you can't dispute it and it was already made clear that Obstruction is a crime, you also can't dispute that Captain Jake broke the law making him a criminal with a gun. At that moment, he wasn't a government official, he was a criminal or at least a corrupt cop which is against the rules and can be referenced. Further more, following the rules, Captain Jake Croft was verbally warned by myself THREE times before he was shot. Where is your argument to negative support?
    GamingLight MOTD 
    Government Rules
    Listen to your superiors
    Corrupt cops are NOT allowed, No matter what!
    To shoot someone you need to warn them three times, They are KOS if wanted for Shooting a Government Official, so you don’t have to warn them.
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  14. Illuminati added a post in a topic PD Obstructing FBI from entering Bank during Raid   

    At that point Unknown, I didn't have an option. He was warned verbally very clearly and directly three times. Jake broke the law and became a criminal with a gun preventing us from stopping a bank robbery in progress. There isn't a way for a cop to Taze or arrest another cop. I had no other choice but to shoot him, because he wasn't going to move any other way. He was obstructing, interfering and impeding our response and orders to engage which in turn also made him a threat. Every day law enforcement is forced to make split second decisions in emergency situations, this was one of those decisions.
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  15. Illuminati added a topic in General   

    PD Obstructing FBI from entering Bank during Raid
    A bank raid was initiated and I (Illuminati) went enroute to the scene. SWAT Member Kade provided FBI the authority to move into the bank and handle the situation over voice in FBI Patrol Room 1 Teamspeak channel. When we got to the bank front doors, a PD Captain  named Jake Croft attempted to stop us from proceeding. I told Captain Jake to stand down twice as he threatened to have me demoted. Jake proceeded to stand in front of the interior lobby door of the bank, blocking us from getting to the vault. It was then I warned Captain Jake a final time to move out of the way. Jake continued to stand fast not moving so, under the authority previously given by SWAT Kade and seeing how Captain Jake Croft was clearly Obstructing Justice and Interfering with Law Enforcement Duties, I no longer saw him as a Cop, but as a criminal with a gun and a suspect of the raid. With that in mind after careful consideration, Captain Croft was eliminated from the situation and the FBI, SWAT as well as the Sheriff continued to clear the vault, successfully ending the raid.
    I'd like to see Captain Jake Croft demoted/terminated from his position and/or retrained as well as a refresher provided to the whole PD. Captain Croft became a criminal during that raid and should be charged as such.
    18 U.S. Code § 1517 - Obstructing examination of financial institution
    18 U.S. Code § 1510 - Obstruction of criminal investigations
    18 U.S. Code § 118 - Interference with certain protective functions
    18 U.S. Code § 111 - Assaulting, resisting, or impeding certain officers or employees
    " In 1934, it became a federal crime to rob any national bank or state member bank of the Federal Reserve System. The law soon expanded to include bank burglary, larceny, and similar crimes, with jurisdiction delegated to the FBI." 
    "Federal law gives the FBI authority to investigate all federal crime not assigned exclusively to another federal agency (28, Section 533 of the U.S. Code). Title 28, U.S. Code, Section 533, authorizes the attorney general to appoint officials to detect and prosecute crimes against the United States. Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 3052, specifically authorizes special agents and officials of the FBI to make arrests, carry firearms, and serve warrants. Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 3107, empowers special agents and officials to make seizures under warrant for violation of federal statutes" 
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