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  1. The Echo added a topic in General   

    Echos LOA
    I will be out of town till saturday. There is no staff section that I can see so that's why it's here
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  2. The Echo added a topic in State Trooper   

    Echos LOA
    I will be out of town till Saturday. Snookie you are acting LT COL. 
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  3. The Echo added a post in a topic Perry's Gamemaster Application   

    Good Luck and Cant wait till you help us out
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  4. The Echo added a post in a topic Wolffe Imperial Commandos Commander Application   

    -Welcome back
    Former staff (Good Terms)
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  5. The Echo added a topic in Fleet   

    Echo's Fleet App
    1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) :Echo
    2. What Branch are you in? (212th, Shock Ect.) :Star Fighter, Sith
    3. What Rank are you? PFC, Acolyte
    4. Why do you want to be Fleet? : To bring control on to the ship and help to develop fleet role play with others. Also with fleet I can help maintain order and have a complete understanding of whats going on in the ship. With the understanding I will do my best to address the problems and lead the respective personnel to fix them.
    5. What is the Main Purpose of Fleet? : To maintain order and command troops for those on the ship. And to advise combat campaigns
    6. Have you read the Fleet Guidelines? ( : Yes
    7. Why should we trust you to be Fleet? : I am very mature when it comes to rp and I value everyone's life. With valuing peoples life they will trust me and that what leading is based on the faith that your higher up is doing the best for you. And when problems occur i will try to Rp it out as I do when there are server events. Ex /me force lifts androtel to get to the explosives. Also I come from the most mature branch in PoliceRp, State Police; so I do know how to roleplay correctly and be fair to everyone
    8. How often can you be Online? : almost everyday
    9. Do you have any Strikes? (What for?) :0 strikes
    10. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : 0 Warns
    11. Do you know the Fleet Oath? (What is it?) : Yes "I swear this sacred oath that I shall render unconditional obedience to the Grand Admiral of our vessel, to exercise every power in service to the Galactic Empire, and shall, whensoever I am asked, be prepared,as a loyal Crew member, to surrender my life for this oath."
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  6. The Echo added a topic in Accepted   

    Echo's gamemaster App
    In-game name: Echo
    SteamID: STEAM_1:0:46485165
    Current Battalion: Starfighter Corps
    Current ULX rank on StarWarsRP: Darth
    Current RP rank on StarWarsRP: PFC
    Have you donated to the server?: yes
    How many warns do you have? If you have some explain what happened. (Don't tell us they were false): 0 on star wars
    How would you rate your lore knowledge on a scale 1-10: 10
    Have you seen the Star Wars: The Clone Wars tv show?: Yes all 6 seasons
    What is your favorite episode in the show and why?: in the clone wars it would be Season 6 episode 1. Because it gives insight on how Order 66 works and why the clones did what they did. And from this is an enlightenment of how palpatine wants to manipulate the Army
    What do you think you could do to increase the roleplay and fun of the server if you did become gamemaster?:
    Do events related to the lore of star wars. I would draw inspiration from Cannon and Legends to provide certain events that could've happened in Rp.
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  7. The Echo added a post in a topic Echo's LOA   

    LOA extended to the 7th
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  8. The Echo added a post in a topic Echo's LOA   

    Also as per professional duty Brian you are acting LT. Col while im gone; unless gaur says otherwise.
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  9. The Echo added a topic in State Trooper   

    Echo's LOA
    I will be taking an LOA from 5/30 - 6/5 for personal reasons. If im needed on the server i will get on, Message me on forums if you need anything.
    Also Gaur we need to talk before this LOA.
    Lt.COL Echo
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  10. The Echo added a post in a topic Regarding CERT   

    New Cars too we need to be more unique
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  11. The Echo added a post in a topic STATE TROOPER ACCEPTED LIST   

    ACCEPTED TROOPERS Kade STEAM_0:0:178907499SWAT PVT ac15CR XR37 STEAM_0:0:82446824DLeagueReed STEAM_0:0:196946728CPL Velvet 1C36 STEAM_0:0:61178110SWAT CPL Josh XR09 STEAM_0:1:181545127CPL Ord 1D34 Never Put Steam ID Talk to staffAndrew Munchiesians/CPL Andrew 1D64/EMS Deputy Chief Andrew STEAM_1:1:102324524
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  12. The Echo added a topic in State Trooper   

    Hey all CERT and Future CERT MEMBERS this is your new SOP.
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  13. The Echo added a post in a topic ASUNA IS POSSESSED ?   

    "I love echo" ??
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  14. The Echo added a topic in State Trooper   

    Hello all bearcats will be available for LT.+ only.
    There is some training I NEED to go over with you before using bearcats. This is due to the fact we had bearcats before but we allowed all CERT to use and they would just smash into other cars with no regard for public safety.
    With time this rule will change; Some Exceptions will be made based on command. Minimum of 4 CERT on to take out Bearcat.
    Strikes will be given to those who use bearcats irresponsibly, and BCT in notes is Bearcat Trained
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