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Thanaton Update PREMIERE CLUB 50% OFF* - Completed


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In game name: Rex/Wolffie 

Custom Class Name: Darth Thanaton  

STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:201050334


Using 50% Discount. 


Model To Change 30$:


Old Model: 


On server

New Model:  


Also on Server 


 Nam Change-10$


Old Name:Darth Thanaton 


New Name: Thanaton's Assassin's Guild.


Description Change 10$:

Darth Thanaton's Assassin's Guild is a groups comprised of assassin's from all around the galaxy.




-IC CMDR 1138 Boss -Senior Admin  -Senior Gamemaster 


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  • Lead Account Manager

Thank you so much for your continued support to Gaminglight. Purchases such as this one allows us to operate and expand!


Completed! Please allow up to 2 restart of the server to take place before seeing your custom job/changes in-game. Server restarts happen every morning at 5 AM EST! 

If your additions are not seen in the server after the maximum 2 restarts, please make a post detailing the issue!

Lead Account Manager

Backend Operations | Custom  Jobs | Proud Member since 2017

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