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Clyde's RRH Guardian application


Should i be rrh  

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In Game Name:  Clyde

Steam ID (Ex. STEAM_0:1:91255427) STEAM_0:0:230143835

Discord ID (Ex. Pinbal#5433): JohnsAFK#8594

Squadron you are Applying for (Guardian, Engineer, Analyst): Guardian

Current RP Ranks Held: I am a 2LT in CI but in gaminglight imperial rp I was a SHGO CPT in Royal guard/ Shadow Guard a ST 1LT and a Deathtrooper CSM ti-23 member (M36) 2/3 of these battalions where guarding high command on imperial.

 Has anyone recommended you to apply for the RRH program? (If not, it's fine): Alpha 10

If applying for Analyst please link notable test-logs here: N/A 

How many Warns do you have? (With Screenshot Proof): 0 in scp-rp but 3 in imp-rp image.png.92cc5544a5a7f2d7b89679da8692c6f0.png

Why do you want to join the Red Right Hand team: I would like to join RRH because I enjoyed guarding people when I was a DT and a Royal Guard/Shadow Guard Officer. I feel that it would be a good place for me to grow in Scp-rp and make a name for myself. I have always been a fan of the spockmarked image of Deathtroopers, and when I first joined the GLs imperial rp, I knew that I had found the right place for me. I was able to do my job well and fit in with the other members of the battalion. During my time in royal guard, I was able to work my way up through the ranks and become a Shadow guard officer. I also have prior experience in the field, as I was a Senior Honor Guard in royal guard and a 1LT in stormtroopers. I was a Senior NCO in Deathtroopers, and the best part of my time in the company was being part of the TI-23 lore squad, which is the most exclusive sub branch of the Deathtroopers. As a combat medic, I was known as M36, and I was regarded as the best of the best.

Why should we accept you: I am a great player at PvP and have extensive experience guarding high-ranking individuals. Another reason why I am wanted to join RRH is due to how I have been heavily redacted and have a lot of experience guarding people who are ranked highly. I can keep calm during difficult situations, and I can also reflect on my mistakes and improve myself from there. I am a calm-headed individual who enjoys making jokes and raising spirits when things aren't going well for the team. If I am accepted for this position, I will not abuse the permission or think that I am better than others. I think this should be a common practice in the community. I know some people think that having an rp rank on a gmod server makes you better, but I believe that is not the case. If I am not selected for this position, I will still strive to be the best. I believe that this position should be filled with individuals who are capable of beating the best.

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Real Ass G
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2 hours ago, Domo775 said:


too bad hes bad at pvp



Current GenSec COL | Security Head Field Training Officer
Former GenSec COL | Former SCP:RP Admin and Forum Diplomat Former Event Team Member

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1 minute ago, ImTrash said:

+ support

i dont like him very much and he sucks at pvp but he is awesome and definitely deserves rrh guardian

he is in fact a real ass G 



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RRH Guardian Sierra 11, RRH Salvus Sierra 11 (1ST Salvus Squadron Operative)
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Congratulations, this application into the Red Right Hand program has been accepted. 
Please speak to any available O5 Council to receive initial training into the Red Right Hand program.



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