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Tactical's Community resignation


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Oh man tactical, you were a great friend man. Sad to see you go. I will never forget the times where we tried to make Youtube videos and it failed badly lmafo.. O7 my british fellow,  hope to see you back soon much love man 💕

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Damn man sucks to see you go we had our fun times and shit in state didn't expect to see you leaving so soon, Wish ya tha best bruv.

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You will be missed man. I'm sad to see you go. Good luck with your future endeavors man. You are a great friend. I hope to see you around on PoliceRP sometime.

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Thanks for all your hard work Tac. I've a had a lot of great times with you and hope to see you back in the future! 

BCSO Undersheriff || PD Deputy Chief || Lead Admin 
The cool furry

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out off all of the things i will cry myself to sleep every night is this one and all of them tactical i hope you come back man and if you don't best of luck in life man! (this message was written and aprroved by nobody exept nobody!)

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Sad to see you go, hope to see you back soon! I won't forget the time you got yourself auto banned by console for copying and pasting a log from logs.

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  • Head of Staff

Thanks for all that you've done for the community, it'll definitely be weird not having you around as much. Best of luck with all your future endeavors!


Hmu if you ever need that carry in BF4 💪

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Rip mans


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  • Police RP: Moderator

Drill Sgt. Kevin 1L-28

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well damn sad to see you go but you're right @Zerg does have a pretty hot mom


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Damn man, it's been a pleasure being around for your full run in this community, from you joining as OFC when I was Major, helping you out through ranks and watching you eventually become Chief of Police, as well as finally getting the chance in the past few months to serve as JMT with you (you of course being one of the two ORIGINAL lead admins!) Plus, of course, your many stories.

You, your mum, your snake and its large weaners will be missed, Tes Tactical. Try not to get yourself arrested when you start driving again!

Chief of Police

Former SCO19 Chief Constable | Reserve HRT Commander | Reserve FBI Assistant Director

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  • Head Admin

Thank you so much for everything you have done, to being my Co-Leader of Event Team to becoming the Leader of Event Team, you have done so much for this community and it really sucks to see you go.

 PoliceRP SMTHead Admin | Head Of Support

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