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Vice 48 Hours


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Well this is no suprise. But I don’t play on the server much anymore. I’m burnt out and have many more irl things to attend to atm. Thank you tho for the opportunity!


Retired Great Lake Side Police Deputy Chief of Police| Reserve PD Col | Rouge 141 operative| Harry Duke Member| Previous Senior Admin| Previous US Core VCMDR/ US Drill Instructors Commander/ US Military Police Chief/ Spetnaz Reserve 1LT.


 US GFH25 Delta Force Operative Chairman Designation A259 - SCO19 Chief Superintendent 

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                               Trial Mod August 1st /2022- 8/12/2022   8/12/2022 - CURRENT Police RP Moderator. Police RP Event Team Mod. 

Current: PD  FBI  Criminal The Grand Mafia / TGM USMS LC CMA. PPD CMD  EMS . HRT State Police.

Previous: Delta Force:   SS. ss was cool SWAT  PD Chief. SCU DOC

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