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Mewys 48 hours

Mewy Minge

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 I have been getting really bored of this game and haven't had any interest  to it so far I played for 5 seconds recently and got really bored of it so I might as well clear some room up for df and have  a slot  reserved for someone' who is more active 

@Calamitythank you for helping out when I wad new to the department it made me feel happy 

@Ecott thank you so much for letting me join and be part of this department 

@Smaug thank you for hosting try outs and getting me into df 

@Noah Lee you're a really good command member please keep up the good work 

@Abrams thank you for being my ride a long buddy 

@Logan thank you for the funny patrols!



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                               Trial Mod August 1st /2022- 8/12/2022   8/12/2022 - CURRENT Police RP Moderator. Police RP Event Team Mod. 

Current: PD  FBI  Criminal The Grand Mafia / TGM USMS LC CMA. PPD CMD  EMS . HRT State Police.

Previous: Delta Force:   SS. ss was cool SWAT  PD Chief. SCU DOC

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Sad to see you go, I've played with you a bit in the last 2~ years. Hope you return! 

Current: PD MSGT, Police dispatch trained. 

Ex: Police RP: D5 PVT, SS rct?, SL member, BOS member, TRJ Co owner, DD member, USMS, PPD, FBI, SCPRP:MTF D5 SFTO MSGT, SEC OFC, Imperial Rp: 501'1st.

I am that person that you would list as "The most active" in your department. 

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