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9/19/22 - Update Log


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9/19/22 - Update Log


Hey all, it's been a white since our last post so this one will be pretty big!


New Map! - 

First off, we had our biggest change being the map update! Site-13 is now released and playable. With that being said, don't expect this map to be one that's will stay the same until we have our next one, Monthly / Bi-monthly we will be doing map updates!


Branch Updates! -

Medical Branch update - 



E11 Branch update - 

along with a smaller post with a gun change to E11 enlisted. - tfa_bizonp19 + tfa_kac_pdw

CI Branch update - 



Security Branch update - 


D Class Branch update!!! - 




General Changes/Additions -

 addition.png.51595cd630529388bb78f8131ae43786.png - Addition of item SCPs

 addition.png.51595cd630529388bb78f8131ae43786.png - New Volk weapon added to Coldsilver

 addition.png.51595cd630529388bb78f8131ae43786.png - New Erad weapon added to HTF

 addition.png.51595cd630529388bb78f8131ae43786.png - Coldsilver, HTF, G9 Comms

 addition.png.51595cd630529388bb78f8131ae43786.png - Though this is apart of the medical branch update, they have been given a custom vaccine that can cure 610 and 049 instances 

 addition.png.51595cd630529388bb78f8131ae43786.png - Apple's andrew tate ethics model.

 addition.png.51595cd630529388bb78f8131ae43786.png - Adding new armory guns, specifics can be found below at the forums link

addition.png.51595cd630529388bb78f8131ae43786.png - New mine has been added to both CI trap expert as well as MTF Lambda 9 

addition.png.51595cd630529388bb78f8131ae43786.png - 082 Scale -> 0.12

addition.png.51595cd630529388bb78f8131ae43786.png - "You are here" decals placed around the map with a layout of the facility.

changes.png.2bcab4ee40d602224bbb627caaafaa5e.png - 2191 Nerf -> Armor has been removed (armor set to 0)

changes.png.2bcab4ee40d602224bbb627caaafaa5e.png - Auger is no longer an error - TFA weapon errors will be resolved shortly 

changes.png.2bcab4ee40d602224bbb627caaafaa5e.png - Proficient researcher comms bug resolved 

changes.png.2bcab4ee40d602224bbb627caaafaa5e.png - Site code bug resolved (would stay at ragnarok)

changes.png.2bcab4ee40d602224bbb627caaafaa5e.png - Fixed scrap spawning in wall

changes.png.2bcab4ee40d602224bbb627caaafaa5e.png - Technical researcher model error resolved ( Model has been changed )

removal.png.32882b4fdc7210004c4c9fc5947ee8a5.png - Removing slam from trap expert and Lambda 9, replacing it with the new mine.

removal.png.32882b4fdc7210004c4c9fc5947ee8a5.png - Removal of R3KT 

removal.png.32882b4fdc7210004c4c9fc5947ee8a5.png - Removal of VC30 Sickle 

removal.png.32882b4fdc7210004c4c9fc5947ee8a5.png - Removal of bal 27

removal.png.32882b4fdc7210004c4c9fc5947ee8a5.png - Unused model removals (we will still be looking into removing more unused models) 

removal.png.32882b4fdc7210004c4c9fc5947ee8a5.png - General removal of most unused content 


Thank you all for being apart of this community! Updates won't stop coming so we do appreciate the suggestion posts you make. 




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Bop is awesome.

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im unbanned


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