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1. What is your in-game name?

Charlie A Williams 


2. Steam ID


3. Current Rank in Security

I am currently the highest NCO rank of SM


4. Time on the server

144 Hours have been spent on the server. From SEC to being an accountant lawyer! 


5. On a scale from 1  (the minimum 30 min per day) - 10 (6+ hours Daily), how active are you?

1 to 2 hours a day roughly if I am feeling up to the task! Sometimes I may be overworked and at max don't do anything!


6. Do you have any active strikes on the roster? (This includes other branches)

NO - Because I am a very good boy and I pay attention to common sense and the rules! 


7. Which Juggernaut members recommended you to apply?

All of them. From Bucket to Omen they think I would be good at it! I hope their right!


8. What is your current level in game?

I am currently Level 40 in-game. [I AINT BUYING LEVELS WHEN I CAN EARN THEM]


9. Do you understand that if you abuse this job it WILL be taken away?

Yes - I plan to do my best and have a fun time but not abuse this wonderful privilege if I am to have it! 

10. Why do you think you deserve to join the Security Juggernaut Sub-Branch? (100+ WORDS)

I think that they are overlooked, looked down upon, and laughed at by others and you know what I think. I think that is unfair, cruel, and unhelpful. I think if put in a better light we could make jugs feared again, not just by the farmers, but by the CI, and the SCP's the strong-willed personnel in Juggernauts will fold them like every other enemy before. Armed with heavy body armor, heavy weapons, and a dream I think I can join to make this light seen not just by a few but by the others in the foundation! I may not be the best choice or the most liked, but I will say this. If I am to be a juggernaut, I will show my worth, do my best, and ensure that my duties are upheld this life or the next.

[Now a less serious response: I think that I would make a good juggernaut because I love big guns, big armor, and good friends at my side! On which I know in jugs that they have all this, just as long as I am not consistently yelled at then I think I will have fun having a big gun and big eyebrows! Aside from that, it will be great to be in another subbranch aside from FTO giving me even more experience!]

Overall, 100 Words each. 


11. As a member of the Juggernaut Sub-Branch, do you have the right to give orders to people above your standard Security Rank? Why or why not?

I think it depends on the situation, you do not command them as much as you suggest to them and ask them, a command is something given to be followed so yes if they are my higher up it is the chain of command I will follow orders and not command them, but I will suggest things, I will ask if they can help me out, and I will not be stepped on and talked down to like some lowly dog. FOR I AM CHARLIE A WILLIAMS A MAN OF MY HONOR, A MAN OF GLORY, A MAN that wants to play Minecraft with his friend who just doesn't want to because he is always too occupied! But on a serious note, yes, I will follow orders, NO I won't command people, yes, I will suggest and ask them to help me or ask if they can get something done because I can't.


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massive +support

FINALLY. make this man jugg rn, best app ever, creative af, and super super active

accept this man

Security Sergeant Major | Juggernaut Enforcer
   Owner of A.H.I.R.D 'Atlas'

juggernaut RP

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