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Gamer Girl CC report (idgaf if you see this farmers)


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Custom Job Name: Gamer Girl

Server: SCP RP

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:521103062

CC Owners SteamID: unknown

Reason for Report: the model is genuinely broken, its shorter than most other models, the hitbox is much smaller than normal, comparing it to the average dclass and the model itself, its skinnier. although its an error to most, for the people who can see it, its so asinine having to fight a literal stick figure.

Screenshots/Evidence of Issue: 20220903145506_1.thumb.jpg.90eb22fe233c38d96a1f5106b1c02048.jpg20220903145523_1.thumb.jpg.5577eafa9237db7c82cbc04db5809cef.jpg20220903150322_1.thumb.jpg.f45e02b8b6b42297aec948cce2ae7aad.jpg

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Nothing is wrong with the model after verifying the hitbox

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