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Your In-game: Codename Kraken


Your SteamID: 76561199385460824


The admin's name in-game: Jupiter


The admin's steam name (If you know it): unknown


What did the admin do: Metagame


Evidence of the abusive action(s) (REQUIRED):  My vision: https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/y9ECo2IXlp64H/d1337p8if6Jo?invite=cr-MSxoZ3MsOTA1Mzc5MjIs

his vision: https://medal.tv/games/garrys-mod/clips/y9EVmtZAt9gEo/3KQRiHgQk22L?invite=cr-MSxwdWMsNzkwNDM3Nzgs


What do you believe should happen to the admin: Probably a warn, dont think this needs anything more than a warn but its up to yall


Any extra information: He said he heard me at the beginning of his clip, but as you can see i didnt say anything, in my vision i accidentally tapped X but didnt say anything. I sometimes accidentally tap X when im about to say something but i didnt wanna risk him being right outside and hearing me, i was gonna tell the 939s to shush but again thought he might hear me. Thing is though that i tapped my X ( talk button ) for a split second, not making a sound and he said he saw it on the bottom right of his screen. Thats failrp/metagaming cause in rp you wouldnt have a " screen " youd have only your ears and eyes, you wouldnt hear a d class press the X button and say nothing, and you wouldnt see it either. Turns out a  e11 recruit was saying there were d class in HCZ when i was hiding in 354 cell for the past hour and a half which is weird but i have no evidence of it cause i was watching YT in the cell. But anyways theres my take on the matter, it honestly seems extremely suspicious and metagaming like if he sees my name pop up but i dont say anything, and by the way before anyone asks he even said he heard me, he wasnt checking cells which is why he ran right past.

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As you can see, He did mic tap (Probably trying to metagame if anyone is nearby), I obviously react to this since D-Class were called out in HCZ as shown in the screenshots below since I can technically hear him attempting to make a noise. I searched around the area as the clip shows before I check SCP-939 CC since it was the last possible area he could be in. I did not try to mic tap or do /y so I have no clue how it is metagaming??

Also the reason why I initially backed up from the cell was because I thought 939 breached since they're voices sounded close to the door. So I crouched near the door checking the CC to make sure they were still contained, That's when I noticed the open door leading to their control room so I obviously went to check that. I was talking in TS when I backed up away from the door to see if someone was nearby to help me.

Volk good

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Messed up screenshots

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Moved to correct section. Update your format ASAP to the standard player report format.

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1 hour ago, Pills said:


It does not seem like metagame to me + This isn’t a staff report so fix yo format


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