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"HTF Losing His Mind" Interrogation Log - 08/12/2022


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Grade: 72/100


Efficiency: 20/25

Almost every single question you got a good bit of info. Good job.

Insight: 20/25

You got him to rat out his fellow HTF, and explain who he is and what he does. I would have preferred seeing what his pals ranks were, but that is sufficient.

Presentation: 15/25

There wasn't really anything that made it look it was yours, but that's okay.

Writing: 17/25

Writing was clean and simple, and you got straight to the point in your audio log.

Additional comment: You impress me Laki. Lets hope you have more insight in the future.

~Overseer Honeypot

Overall: B+

Test quality: Meets Expectations

Edited by EpicSealGamer (ESG)
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