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Clarks NCO Application

Kanye Southern


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What is your in-game name?

My Ingame Name Is Clark

What is your current rank?

Current Rank Is PFC

How active can you be?

Im always active On Both Of My Jobs 501ST And Shock Security.

What is your time zone?

My Timezone Is GMT+0 

What can you bring to Shock as a NCO?

I Can Bring Many Great Things To Shock As An NCO Such As Daily Try-outs And Daily Activity I Would Make Sure Every Enlisted Is In The Right State Of Mind All The Time And Everywhere.

Why should you be trusted?

Ive Got Experience As NCO And Im A Trusted Member Of The Community As I Am A TMOD. 

Do you have any warns on the server?

No I Do Not

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Shock command does not see you fit for NCO at this time. Please wait 2 week before you apply again.

Current Shock Vice Commander| Former F16 | Former M36 |Former Nova LTCOL| 

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