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Maroon's Officer Application


Should Maroon be part of the Officer Team?  

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  1. 1. Should Maroon be 2lt?

    • yes!
    • no.

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What is your In Game Name? 
ARCTRN SGM Maroon 14

What is your SteamID?

 How Long Have You Been In 501st?

Why Do You Want to Become an Officer? [100+ Words]
I would like to receive the rank of 2lt because, i feel as an officer it would only better the 501st. I would host many Trainings/Sims and continue to do Tryouts regularly. I also want to be eligible for Ground command. I want to be able to do more for the 501st and help improve it more. It would also help me be recognized for the person i am now rather than who i used to be. I also want to be more attached to the battalion as a whole. I think that being in charge of the NCO's would help me get to know them. The 501st can always improve and i would like to be part of it's growth.

 How could you assist the 501st Command with this rank?  [75+ Words]
As an officer, you can surely help the 501st command, that's why they're given so much authority. 501st Officers can keep the Battalion active by hosting Sims, Trainings, and Missions! Officers can also give new 501st Sergeants NCO training. 501st Officers may also answer any questions NCOs or Enlisted have, by COC of course. The officers of the 501st are given a lot of authority and can do a lot with it. One of those things is help command by far.

 How many strikes do you have? 
3 on the Imperial RP [GL] Server.

What Qualifications could you bring to the 501st Officer Team?
I have Great leadership skills, i feel that officer is the perfect rank to show it. I also bring maturity, with being a higher rank requires being Mature and responsible. I take responsibility for my own actions, and don't seek too much attention even if it seems so. I bring activity by far, I have been a NCO for a week now and have done about 15+ tryouts! I am online almost everyday and almost never take LOA/ROAs. I only take breaks when i'm burnt out.

  Have you had any previous experience has an Officer?
Yes, I used to be 501st JTO CPT Gamma ARC07, but i lost that rank because i left the server and let inactivity do it's thing. Before I lost my way and turned to a massive minge, I was a genuine and Mature person, like i am now. I was going through a lot at the time because my dog died and i fell into depression, so i looked for something to bring me joy and and turned to a minge. this was about 8 months ago, I have changed and am trustworthy of 2lt. Otherwise, no
 What is the purpose/duty of an Officer?:
The rank of 501st Officer comes with many responsibilities and one of them being to watch over the NCOs and make sure they are behaving and doing their job correctly. But it doesn't mean that you police them. You can be in-charge of Ncos and still be their friend obviously.  Officers help the NCOs and give them tips/help when needed. They are there to answer any questions the Ncos may have. Officers duties are to ensure that the Ncos are doing things correctly, such as tryouts! Officers are to also give new Sergeants NCO training. Again, they are there to help and give orders, not make their lives miserable.


A little thing I would like to add: I know it’s not likely for me to become officer seeing others like agent and Clark get denied. But you always have to try. It’s nothing about luck, it’s about how you’ve made an impression on people. If you made good ones then you’ll be accepted. Otherwise you won’t make it anywhere in life.

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 ARC/ 501st JTL 1LT Maroon 11/7567
TSO JR LT Maroon

IC PVT 7567 Echo
Apprentice V Maroon

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+ support 

- from what I have seen from him he's a more then capable trooper 

- a little silly at times but arnt we all 

- would make a good officer 

Good luck 🤞


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SCP/Medical Senior-Command/Manager




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