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Smoke's NCO application


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What is your in-game name? SHK PVT Smoke SK918

What is your current rank? Private

How active can you be? everyday after 6pm

What is your time zone? us central

What can you bring to Shock as a NCO? i can bring a ton of prior experience from playing as and commanding shock on another server for over 2 years, i have plenty of shock documents i can also share with the shock team. i am an older player at 26 and take the rp serious when i am on the server, i would be more than happy to share more info in an interview. 

Why should you be trusted? older player, im mature, im experienced with shock, ive also been high comm and vader as well before on a 60+ daily player server. again i have a ton of prior experience with the serious style of rp shock brings and can handle giving out fair orders or handling a wild sitaution if it were to arrise onship.

Do you have any warns on the server? no

please ignore my steam name, it was for another game outside of gmod

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- minus supporting off of the sole fact that the rank requirement to apply for NCO is PFC

                                                              Current: Naval SO SubLT Clarence| Moderator Clarence

                    Former Nova CPT Former Shock LTCOL |Former shock VCMDR| Former Senior Mod


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- Support

- Little to no effort seems to have been put into the application
- I haven't seen you around on the server
- Submitted when a PVT, the requirement to apply for NCO is SPC+


Gaminglight ImperialRP // Moderator
Shock Security // Captain


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