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ERIN / Striever NCO Application


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ERIN / Striever NCO Application

What is your in game name?


What is your SteamID? 


What is your current rank?


How much time do you currently have on the server?

634 hrs

How long have you been in Nova?

3 days

How will you assist Nova with this rank? [50+ words]

I really enjoy hosting and creating fun sims for battalions. I personally would like to see a very active Nova battalion on. So as an NCO I would be able to host tryouts and bring in fresh active blood and show them how amazing nova really is. Leading troopers is in my core being, I really enjoy and excel at knowing when and where to give orders, training, encouragement and discipline. As a NCO I would show the lower enlisted what it means to lead, and to help them reach the rank of NCO. 

Why do you want to become an NCO? [50+]

As I said above, I am a leader through and through. I know what is expected as an NCO and how to emulate one. I have been an NCO before and know what troopers look up to. Working with the battalion to strengthen and unify it would not only be a great thing for me to do but it would ultimately strengthen the server. I have been on gaminglight a long time. Been up and down the ranks, I love this server and it's community. I want to show the rest of the ISD how amazing Nova really is. 

Do you have any experience leading / being an NCO? 

I have been an NCO in shock, as well as the Vice Commander for shock. I know exactly how to do my job and how to do it well. I am also in the Military IRL and have lead many troops IRL so I know what is expected of a leader, that being said I also know how hard it is to be a leader with all eyes constantly on you. I want to show through my actions the being a leader in Nova strengthens us all. 

What is the purpose/duty of an NCO? [75+]

In my words an NCO is a mid tier rank that's sole purpose is to help the lower enlisted. To teach them the ropes and to guide them along the path of reaching their goals. No matter my aspirations and selfish ambitions the lower enlisted under me come first. If they are failing I am failing. If they are succeeding I am succeeding. Working to create a strong base in the Nova battalion is the duty of an NCO. A strong foundation of ready capable troopers is the only thing that will ensure the Battalion succeeds. As an NCO I would work hard to create that foundation, first by getting to know and to trust each of my troopers. Then I would build them up and show them the ropes of the Battalion. After they are each comfortable in their duties I would be comfortable bringing in new recruits. I would train the recruits initially and the task my CPL and SPC to show them  what it means to be a Nova Trooper.  I will ensure that our Battalion is the most disciplined, respected and well oiled battalion on the ISD. I want to show the rest of the ISD what they need to emulate. 

I just want to thank each and everyone of you for taking the time in reading my application. During the application it may seem like I am bragging. But in all reality I am confident in my ability to lead, and to accomplish each and every one of these goals. 

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great guy

knows what he's doing

- stinks a lil bit tho

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                                                              Current: Naval SO SubLT Clarence| Moderator Clarence

                    Former Nova CPT Former Shock LTCOL |Former shock VCMDR| Former Senior Mod


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