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Astro's Resignation


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  • Head Admin

I am so sorry to hear about your loss Astro, stay safe and if you ever want to talk please feel free to reach out.

FiveM SMT | Head Administrator

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Nothing can ever replace what was ripped from one's self.  You were a stellar leader and I wish you the absolute best in you and your kin's lives.
We have the watch now.  Fair winds and following seas, shipmate.  ❤️

Super Admin Master Chief Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax
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  • Head of Staff

Im so sorry for your loss astro. You are an amazing and lovely person. Take your time and be with your family supporting eachother through this horrible time.

I hope to see you come back one day on the server. I wish you the best astro.❤️

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During my many years of playing Star Wars servers and gmod servers, I have never seen anyone being as good manager of people as Astro. Losing him as High Command member is bigger loss than you initially might think, which is the reason I supported his application to Fleet Admiral (and I never support applications because I cant be arsed to use forums I am sorry). He is very unbiased person, genuinely tries to understand before judging, and doesnt hold long-term judgements. I can see very good future for him if he continues on this path. 

It´s pretty bad losing brother so my sympathies are with you and I hope you return at one point.

CAO Captain Leo


Edit ps: Now you get bitches btw.

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I am so sorry to hear about your brother. I wish the best upon you and your family in these tough times. 

We may not have had many interactions toghether, but you are one hell of a guy. You will be missed among the community. I hope that one day, we will see each other again whether through Gamiglight, or anywhere else.

Stay safe. ❤️

Invictus Maneo 💪

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We've never really had the best interactions, but I just wanna say that I'm sorry for your loss. Wish you the best.

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Very sorry to hear abt your loss, I pray you can heal in peace, my dm's are always open if you ever need anything!

                                                              Current: Naval SO SubLT Clarence| Moderator Clarence

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