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Delta 5 Mr Hollywood


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Name- Mr Hollywood
Steam ID- 


Discord Name-Homeless#4865

Rank and branch (Nu7, E11, CI, Security)-N/A

List any punishments you have been given (warns, bans, Strikes, ect)-None

Why do you want to join Delta-5?
I enjoy PVP on the server and I feel like rejoining with Delta 5 would be a good change of pace. CI countering seems like it would be pretty fun.
Why should we let you into Delta-5?
I was in Nu-7 and still know all containment procedures. I can pvp pretty well.
Do you promise to uphold any and all community, server, and SOP rules and RP values?

If accepted be sure to contact an FTO or command in-game or on discord for training!
In TS with them RN

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Please contact an FTO for training

Delta-5 Vice Commander

RRH Guardian | RRH Salvus Unit Tango 9

Meritorious Service Ribbon
Retired:  CI R&D Senior Inspector | T3 Kangaroo III

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