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Matter HVYAL App


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What is your in game name and rank?

Matter, CSM

What position are you applying for?


What is your SteamID?


How long have you been a member of the 501st Legion?
2-3 Months

Why do you believe you should become a member of Sub-Battalion leadership? What can you offer? What Command Experience do you hold? (200 words minimum)

I believe I become a member of this Sub-Battalion leadership because I have leadership skills with my ROTC class and being an officer in there. Being in my ROTC class has given me leadership experience and has shown me how to work with my battalion and be able to show them around. I believe I would be a good HVYAL as I am almost always on my SNRHVY Job and I make sure to take credibility for the HVYs when I am the highest HVY online, I also make sure the HVYs are doing what they are supposed to do and that they aren't messing around with their shields or abusing them in any way. I currently hold only my ROTC command experience, but none in the Gaming Light servers, but I hope that this position will help me gain that experience. I believe my experience in ROTC will help me in this position with taking charge of the HVYs and make sure they're following orders and doing what the HVYs are supposed to do. I would like this position so I could keep an eye on the HVYs and make sure we have a strong force on the battlefield. HVY is my most played sub-branch and my favorite of all the sub-battalions and I like to make sure other HVYs are not Improperly using their equipment.

Describe the duties of a Sub-Battalion Lead / Assistance Lead (75 words minimum)

To keep an eye on the HVYs and make sure they use their gear appropriately and that they're following orders and doing what they're supposed to do as HVYs. Being a HVYAL will allow me to make sure other HVYs are doing their job and using their gear to protect their fellow troopers and advance on the frontlines with their shields. It will also allow me to take charge of them and keep them in line.

A member of your Sub-Battalion was caught red handed abusing their specialized gear. What do you do?

I would give them one warning and a removal if I see it again, and I would bring it up with someone higher up about their removal. I would also try to call an admin if I see it happen continuously 

Have you ever been striked in the 501st? If so, what for?

No, I have not.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I am very active as a 501st HVY member and in 501st as a whole.

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As of this time, we have chosen two other HVYALs. Do not be discouraged, your initiative will be remembered!

| FIRST EVER IMPERIAL GOVERNOR || Former 501st "Vader's Fist" Legion Commander || Former Senior Commander || Former SF Crimson || Former IF Agent Lone Six |
| Former Imperial RP Senior Administrator || Former Senior Forums Diplomat || Former Imperial RP Gamemaster VII || Retired 501st VCMDR |
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