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ChesterCheetah's Officer Application


Am I Fit to become Officer?  

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  1. 1. Am I Fit for 501st Officer?

    • Yes (pls state why)
    • no (pls state why)

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  What is your In Game Name?

ARC CSM ChesterCheetah 014

What is your SteamID?


How Long Have You Been In 501st?

I was originally in 501st back when Milford was the CMDR at that time and have reached the rank of SSGT before leaving and this term has been my longest time i've been in from starting ground up from PVT till CSM and have been around almost a month now.

 Why Do You Want to Become an Officer? [100+ Words]

My reason to why I want to become an officer of the battalion is because as the battalion continues to grow more, more people join that may have different time zones or some officers/command may be busy with docs or with irl situations and I would like to assist by giving 501st a more broaden availability of 501st officers that may be able to keep in-check for those Enlisted/NCO's with different time zones as well as assist with any trivial task so that the higher ranking officers/Command may be able to focus more on the things they need to do. With my time on the 501st ever since coming back to the server has been great and met a lot of great people in the branch and I would like start giving back more to the battalion, and with my past experience as a command member I feel like I would be able to help the battalion even more.

 How could you assist the 501st Command with this rank?  [75+ Words]

With this rank I would be able to assist command with many things, Firstly I would to make sure NCO's does their duty and helping them reach their quota when need be as well as keep an eye on the enlisted to make sure they dont get into much trouble. Secondly I would assist command by giving my thoughts on how we could potentially improve the battalion as a whole as well as be able to assist any doc work if they ask me for any help. Thirdly I would host SIMs and Training as any officer would do as its part of their jobs to do so to keep the battalion active and entertained. Next I would handle any trivial task that a Officer should be able to do so that command may focus more on the more important duties they need to do like potential updates or improvements to the battalion. Lastly with my former experience, command would be able to rest easy knowing that I would be capable in handling any duty given to me and be able to uphold the rules and regulation of the battalion in their absence as the battalions day to day operation and activity is important for a healthy battalion.

How many strikes do you have? 


What Qualifications could you bring to the 501st Officer Team?

The Qualifications I could bring to the officer core is firstly my activity I would be available to any NCO/Enlisted that may need assistance or to higher ups if they require anything from me. Secondly is My personality, I know when it would be the time to be joking around or to be serious and I would say my work ethics is pretty good. Thirdly with my former experience as a Officer/Command member I would be able to assist new and older officers in anyway I can by giving them advice or generally helping them in their duties and lastly and the most important thing I believe is to keep the trust of others as keeping the trust of others is very important to keep the battalion to advance even more as unnesesary arguments or infighting would just hinder the battalion's progress and would add tension to one another and would result unnesesary distrust as we should be working as a team to keep the battalion in a good state.

 Have you had any previous experience as an Officer?

I've had experience in both being Officer and Command member. My notable roles has been: Purge Captain, IC Major, ISB Agent Kallus, Shock Commander, and lastly DT Senior Commander.
What is the purpose/duty of an Officer?:

The duty of a officer of a battalion is to uphold the SOP to its members and making sure nobody breaks it as well as discipline those who breaks it or act out of line. They report anything to command if the situation isnt for them to handle. They also oversee day to day operations to make sure everything in the battalion goes smoothly as well as making sure the NCO does their duty and enlisted acts accordingly. They as well  host trainings/SIMs for the NCO's and enlisted to keep them entertained as well as keep the battalion active. They are also there to assist Command and NCOs/Enlisted alike to the best of their abilities ranging from answering questions given to them by NCO's/Enlisted to Assisting Command with their work if they are asked to or if there are any error/outdated things on any document. Lastly the duty of a officer is able to lead their troops with a calm and collective mind as leadership is very crucial in any given situation to keep everything neat and be able to complete any objective in a orderly fashion. 

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Has Previous command experience 


Has shown themselves to be a competent NCO and would be a excellent addition to the officer team 


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Has plenty of experience to be a trustworthy and determined Officer 

Has done an amazing job since reaching NCO, always helping people when they can and always showing initiative. 







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> Mature
> Dedicated
> Experienced
> Great Application 

Not much can be said for mister ChesterCheetah, as his performance speaks louder than words. As an enlisted, he was one of those troopers who is proactive, constantly seeking out tasks, and of course, completing said tasks with efficiency. During his time as a junior NCO he strived to be the best, helping out 501st enlisted and even his fellow NCOs and officers out, he had shown great initiative both during events, and on normal duty. As a senior NCO he mentored his fellow sergeants and contributed greatly to the 501st's inflow of recruits. In my humble opinion, ChesterCheetah deserves a spot in the officer club; with his expertise and previous command experience, ChesterCheetah's entry into the 501st officer corps would greatly benefit the battalion.

Good luck in your application! ❤️

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See a MAJ+ in game or TeamSpeak for your training, and thank you for applying!

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