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Goat's Resignation from ImperialRP <3


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Hello everyone ! I know this may seem out of the blue to some, others not so much, however I have lost the drive I once had. As such I have decided to step down from ImperialRP in terms of staff and Roleplay. I have made a tremendous amount of friends, some who I will be eternally grateful for, and I will genuinely miss my time on the server with the community I have come to know and love. Now for my special mentions for the people who I am glad to have met !


Hale I would have never even joined this server if it wasn't for you and Frox, You genuinely have made this server one of the most fun and memorable servers I have ever played on ! I wouldn't be who I am without you ! 

Bop & Frog : I met both of you during my time in DT, I would never have made it anywhere without you two, you are two of my absolute greatest friends and truly some of the few who I am glad I got to become friends with !

Bon & Bear : I never once thought I would get the chance to join High Command under you, but here we are, you two have made it so far and I couldn't be more proud ! I wish you the very best of luck in everything you strive to do in the future ! 

Mann : I have full faith that you will be one of the greats, I can't wait for you to become Tarkin ! Best of luck my friend !

Sainty I have full faith you will make a fine Grand General, You are a wonderful AHC and I am glad I had you with me !

Starch I genuinely don't know what to say, I wouldn't have made it here without you, I can not thank you enough from the bottom of my heart, Keep it up my guy, I have full faith in you and your capabilities ! 

Suns & Bub Keep up the phenomenal work you two, I believe in you ! 

HC & SMT Please don't take it personal that I am putting all of you together ! I didn't get to come to know most of you as much as I wish I could, but I believe in all of you ! Keep up the amazing work and keep making ImperialRP Amazing !

Zee Dude I am so incredibly grateful to have met you and have you in Shock with me, I have full faith that you will make it far just keep your head up ! (1942)

Theta, Nebel, & Wheat : I will continue to play xcom with the three of you and absolutely rage every night in discord together ! I am so incredibly glad to have met you all ❤️ I promise to keep in touch !

Galaxy Can't forget you ! You will forever be the biggest Minecraft nerd I know, although I will forever miss our late night tomfoolery we got up to !


I'm sorry If I didn't mention you, there are so many truly wonderful people on this server who I am so grateful to have met ! I wish you all the very best of luck in your future and I hope you can all come to love this server and community as much as I have !


I want to end this resignation by thanking every single member of this community, I would have never guessed to receive this kind of love and support, and I can't be more happy, you are the reason I have stayed as long as I have and I am so incredibly grateful for every single one of you !

Goodbye everyone ❤️

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I'm beating Frog to it.

"Mid DT Commander"

In all honesty, it was good having you around and you did amazing in your position. Best of luck in the future and I hope to see you around!

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Best High Command to have graced my presence. You'll do well wherever you go. Farewell, my friend

(XCOM2 later?)

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I'm sad to see you leave we had a lot of good times and you helped me a lot with working to make Shock so much better and you worked hard to make the server and community better im gonna miss you man don't be a stranger though and come say hi to us whenever you feel like it also I'll never forget the Jawa incident of 1942

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Thank you for everything you have done on the server and within AHC. You have been a tremendous asset to the team and your loss will definitely be felt. Wish you the best in the future with whatever you pursue. 

Cheers Goat. 

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I have finally stolen you from ImperialRP and have taken you to SCPRP.

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Good man, gonna make me cry, I would of liked to see you hit Grand General.
GoodBye Goat<3

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Damn this is crazy😪

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We didn't really talk much while you oversaw Imperial Commandos aside from discussion among IC Command Team but I would like to thank you for being apart of my IC career, nonetheless. It has been an honor working with and under you, Goat.



Take care, my friend. Take care. 

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