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Stupidly funny moments in gaminglight servers

Infinity Foxlet

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When Havoc Company was removed ūüíÄ

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| Former 501st "Vader's Fist" Legion Commander || Former SF Crimson ||Former IF Agent Lone Six || Former 501st JTL Theta || Former 501st ARCL Blitz || "Champion of the Enlisted" | | 501st Sharpshooter Squad Lead | 
| Imperial RP Senior Administrator || Imperial RP Gamemaster VII || Forums Diplomat || Retired 501st VCMDR |
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When 501st gets called inactive by Hotshot while being the most active battalion on the server at the time!

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           Keeper of the Turdium Pantaloons              

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Former: Marshal Commander, 501st Senior Commander, SF Vice Marshall, 501st "Stinky" HVYL, & Former 501st Fossil

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16 hours ago, Sad Mario said:

When people say I have no bitches even though the no bitches joke is meant for the Kallus role.


False. As I've told you before, it's the Curse of Astro

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Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax


[1st Gen] Imperial Senior Commander 2x ISB 021 Agent Kallus | Last Admiral Kallus, Shortest term as Admiral Kallus (4 hours)

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When High Admiral Mann was High Admiral WoMANN


Current: DT Seeker Sergeant SN03 | Naval PO2 Anomaly  |Shadow Guard III Jace
Former: IF21 Deputy Agent Mercury Dawn | IC DME CPL Dice | Lord I Jace

IMRP Assistant Head Gamemaster Anomaly + IMRP Admin

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Being launched off of the top of bridge as a giant Hutt figure by a rapid-fire gun in a contest where we saw who could land on what platform.

Retired GL Member (R DT CPT DM8)

Former: Death Trooper Vice Commander (Unit TI-23 Overseer), 501st ARC Chip, Unit TI-23 Medic M36, Seeker Company SGT SN04, 69th SSGT Chip, Admin/GMVII


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