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Ogsway Ban Request- Accepted


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Your In-game: Bartholomew


The player's name in-game: ogsways07


The player's steam ID (required):  STEAM_0:0:640283254


What did the player do: aRDMx2 | RDMx3 | Ltap


Evidence (REQUIRED): https://gyazo.com/7cbeb297e4e42cf1eaae3807fe24d9eb


What do you believe should happen to the player: 3 day ban


Any extra information:

FBI Assistant Director | FTO Head Instructor | HRT SFC Head Weapon Specialist | USMS SAC | Heavy MSTG EAGLE | PPD OverseerTrooper 1T | Forum Diplomat | PoliceRP Moderator

Former | State 1T | Lord III | PO2 | Imperial Senior Mod


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  • Head Admin

Accepted! Thank you for the report. Appropriate action against the player and or staff member will be taken to ensure that they receive the correct punishment.

PoliceRP SMT  | Head Administrator


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