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69th Medical Corps NCO Application - Chip


Am I fit for Medical NCO?  

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  1. 1. Am I fit for Medical NCO?

    • Yes (+support, please explain why)
    • No (-support, please explain why)

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1: What's your in-game name and rank? (Ex: MC S SPC Hex 0084):

69th SPC Chip 2910 (Specialist)


2: What's your timezone?:



3: What's your SteamID?:



4: How often will you be able to be active and at what times?:

I am already extremely active in the server, usually over 3 hours a day, and you can expect me to be on mostly during EST afternoons and evenings.


5: Why should we trust you as a Medical NCO?:

I think I can be trusted as a Medical NCO due to the fact that I am on constantly, never minge, and already hold a pretty high position of power in another regiment. I kind of have a knack for tryouts, and as such would be pumping out tryouts quite frequently to help bolster the numbers of the battalion.

In addition to this, I believe I have shown my capability as a medic on the field already. I have been noticed by the prior Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax for my performance, and was quite proud of that. 

I am constantly healing, armoring and giving ammo to players in-game, be it with the bacta injector, stim shot, or armor kit, even on Defcon 5. I'm a medical constantly going around ship to give these things out, as troopers need to be prepared for anything at any time.

You can trust me because I I have shown competency and also have leadership skills that would assist me to lead the enlisted. I also assisted Bub with many PvE simulations, and me and him get along really well.


6: Why should you be a Medical NCO?:

I believe I should be a Medical NCO because I am at a point where I am ready to help keep the enlisted following proper protocols and procedures, as well as assist officers in day-to-day tasks. I lead on the battlefield often and feel like I could easily implement strategies during missions or events to keep Medical running as efficiently as possible. I also think that I am a disciplined trooper; I always do my best to have a good attitude with those around me, learn from mistakes, and just try to uphold and exceed the standards put upon us. While I haven't been a Medical NCO before, I have experience as an NCO in a very strict regiment and feel like I would fit in easily here. Overall, I think I should be a Medical NCO because it would greatly add to the quality of enlisted troopers and overall battalion status.


7: Why should we accept your application over other applications?:

I think where I stand out is hyper-focus on the current situation. This can be very helpful during missions or events because I'll know where to assign certain troopers in battle, and know who to prioritize healing, and when. For example, if we were on Tatooine and multiple Medical enlisted were on the right side of the map and an explosion hits the left side, I would instantly be sending troops that direction and would keep asking for updates on the situation until everyone is healed and the mission is completed. My experience overwatching in other battalions would make this especially effective.

I also know the boundaries between what is acceptable behavior and what is not. Obviously everyone messes around now and then, but it must be done in a way that does not affect others and is minor in scale. If someone was completely minging around or failing to meet the regiment's expectations, even if they were my friend, I would pull them aside and ask them to stop, and relay the infractions up the chain if needed. I try my absolute best to be unbiased and treat everyone equally, so that we all are performing as great medics and have a good reputation with others on the ship.


8: Do you have any warns? (And what for?):

No warns across all servers, been in the GL community since 2015.

Death Trooper VCMDR DM8 (TI-23 Overseer) | GMVII/Admin Crystal | 501st Chip

Former: Unit TI-23 Medic M36, Seeker Company SGT SN04, 69th SSGT Chip


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   + good app
   +good person
   + good luck

MEDICAL COL EX: Rescue Squadron Vice Marshal, Deputy Director,  Current: Director of research
              EX: Shock, ST, Inferno NCO. Starfighters enlisted, Naval enlisted


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"Medentes sustendo postestas de nostra Imperium!"

- 69th Medical Senior Commander Hex

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