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Shadow's application for SD


Should I become a Security Director  

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  1. 1. Should I become a Security Director?

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What is your in-game name?:Shadow

What is your SteamID:STEAM_0:1:565312630

What is your rank on the Naval Roster?:Ensign

What specialty are you applying for?:Security Director

 What Naval HC (Commodore+) gave you permission to apply?:Kallus

What can you do to improve the branch you will be responsible for? I will improve these branches by doing Daily tryouts,sims and Trainings for these battalions. I will be giving away money and prizes and possibly promotions to those who do well. I will Be making a few changes to both dt and shock i would like to make sure there are no more minges in neither battalions. I would like to make sure everything is going as perfectly as possible. I have a few changes i would like to do in mind.  I would like to get shock and DT to their maximum numbers. I would like to make sure shock and DT are one of the best battalions in the entire server. I would like to make sure DT and shock are the Most active and RP Friendly battalions. I would like to make sure that DT and shock work to there very Maximum. I would love to see shock and DT work together a lot more with naval and other special forces and army battalions.

Why should you be trusted with this position?: I feel i should be trusted with this position because i have had multiple command Experiences and A Hard Experience in SO back when i was in naval. I used to be a naval rear admiral, Nova Maj, Havoc Maj, Naval Tenn Graneet, SO , DT SGM , Shock LCPL I have had multiple Experiences in high positions. I feel I am very Fit for this Position as A Security Director. I will make sure they Are going as smoothly as possible

Why do you want this rank?: I would love to have this rank in order to work with shock and DT'S command team a lot more closely. I would love to make a few changes and tweaks to both battalions. I will dedicate all my time to make sure these battalions are the best of the best. I would love to have this rank to make sure there are no minges or Rude and or disrespectful people in neither of these battalions. I love both of these Battalions equally.

Do you understand that if you receive a strike you will be stripped of this rank?: Yes I do.

What is your purpose within your assigned branch?:My main purpose as a Security Director Is to work closely with the DT command team as well as shock command team. I am to make sure My Security officers and DT and Shock Are doing as great as possible. I am too assist the DT command team and Shock command team and put my inputs on important matters. I am to make sure everything is going as flawlessly as physically possible.  I would like to make DT a more serious battalion. I am to host Daily Missions Sims and Trainings as well as tryouts for these battalions.

Currently a Naval Lieutenant 
Retired Rear Admiral/Tenn Graneet/Nova Maj/Havoc Maj/Naval SO

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                             Current Nova CPT Former Shock LTCOL |Former shock VCMDR| Former Senior Mod


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