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Silly's Application for JCMD


Research Command  

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Name: SillySadass

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:190907061

Current Rank: LR APRF

Time in Research (Estimate): I've been in the research department since 02/18/2022, and I have a playtime of 3 weeks.

Why do you believe you should be in Research Command?(100 word requirement): 

There are alot of reasons as to why I should be in the research command team, with some being my past experience in research command, which means that I know my duties as to what I have to do, as to how to deal with researchers breaking the rules, with an example of this being a JR going into HCZ. Another reason I should be in Research Command is because I am very active, usually being in-game every day for at least 3-4 hours on the daily. During this time, I either am walking around LCZ, writing test logs, or being AFK. I am also very determined to continue being in this branch due to the love that I have for it, and didn’t give up even when I got demoted, instead trying to improve myself and act better. An example of myself trying to act better is asking certain people to give me updates on how I’m doing and how I can improve and better myself further. 

What can you bring to the table that others can't? (100 word requirement):

As I mentioned before, my dedication to the research branch, as well as my past experience in Research Command is some key items that I bring to the table. The Research Branch is also the branch that I spend most of my time in-game playing, with Chaos Insurgency being second. I also sincerely love the branch, and so won’t ever give up on it no matter what gets thrown my way. I love helping others and teaching others how to do things, and so I will be staying for as long as I possibly can due to my love and determination for this branch.

  What would you do to better Research and increase activity? (100 word requirement):

If I was promoted to the position of Junior Command, a way that I would increase the activity of the research department and better the branch itself would be learning. I would try a variety of things, and would use different styles and approaches to PT's. Using the information on which PT's got the most players flagging up, and wanting more, I would use that style more.  I would also make more "events" that would make players more interested in. I would probably do this by doing more fun approaches. I've seen PT's where the research department doesn't seem to get much action. I understand that lore-wise, that's what we are supposed to do. But it would definitely increase activity in the research branch if we had more interactive PT’s. An event I have in mind is starting by letting the players know that there has been a spy/SCP secretly hiding among the ranks of researcher. (Much like SCP-8286). I will privately message the person that I picked to become the SCP/spy, and will give them a sledgehammer/pistol. All other players will only have keys, except 1, which will have extra health from the others and get access to either fists or a less powerful melee weapon. The goal of the SCP will be to secretly kill all of the researchers, so that it can obtain files on specific SCP's and breach them. The goal of the researchers is to find out who the SCP secretly is and vote to terminate it. My idea of an PT that would be more on the fun side instead of lore, which I believe will get some activity up and raise spirit! This PT would be a mix between murder mystery, among us, and SCP lore. During my time in command, I got to talk to moonrose about my PT idea and got the all clear to go ahead, although I was never able to do it. If I am picked for the Research Command team, I will make sure to do the PT A.S.A.P. This is one of my many ideas, and if I get picked as Junior Command, I will be my best and always make sure to show a good leadership role and to show kindness to everyone. I will help anyone that needs helping, and will be active within the community. I hope that you agree with me, and that I get accepted as a new member of Jr. Command. Thank you for taking the time to read my application, and I hope I see you around sometime!

~NOTE: I have decided to write some questions about what I should do in certain situations to show that I understand the role of a Research-Command, and to prove that I am ready to become a Research Command member again, as well as that I understood what I have done wrong and how I should’ve improved.



A JR That has just been trained into the research branch is now in HCZ, and is attempting to breach SCP’s. How do you react?:

First, I would locate the JR in HCZ, and I would cuff them and bring them back to Research Bunks. The next action I do depends on if they were trying to breach SCP’s in HCZ, or if they just happened to wander inside. If they were just walking in HCZ without attempting to breach any SCP’s, I would verbally warn them, and would explain to them that they aren’t allowed in Heavy Containment Zone. I would make sure they understand this, and would then resume whatever I was doing before I was alerted to their actions.

If they were attempting to breach SCP’s in HCZ, I would cuff them and bring them back to research bunks, but this time I would “formally” warn them (Log it) and would explain to them that their actions are in no circumstance allowed, and shouldn’t have been done. Because JR’s are on a one strike policy, said JR would have their WL taken away, and would have to be re-trained or have a DNT placed on them for an appropriate amount of time for their actions.



A researcher is demanding to get a promotion, stating that they feel they aren’t being recognized for their work and are being treated unfairly, what do you do?:

If the person is calm, and is just letting me know that they feel as if they aren’t being noticed, I would talk to them about how they usually have to get noticed by a command member for their work to get a promotion, but I would go over and check their activity, as well as their test logs to see if they should have actually been promoted. If yes, I would give them their earned promotion, but would give them a heads up for next time that they should instead wait for a command member to notice them. (Of course if they were saying they didn’t feel noticed and it had only been a day or two after their activity, I would tell them that next time they should’ve tried to get a command member to notice them, but if it has been for a while, then that would be fine).



A researcher is threatening to send gore to people. How do you react?:

If a researcher is threatening to send gore in a general chat such as #main or #pictures, I would immediately report said researcher to SCMD. I would make sure to take proof of them saying the threat, whether it be a picture or a video, so that the researcher could actually be proven to have done said action, and be punished accordingly.

If the researcher is threatening to send gore to a specific person, I would make sure to get proof, much like the other answer. (Whether that be a picture or video) but instead of sending it to a SCMD, I would try to send it to a HCMD member. Of course, if HCMD is unavailable to deal with it I could send it to SCMD so that they could deal with the situation and give the appropriate punishment to said person.


Final Notes: I want to thank whoever reading this for deciding to read it fully, and I hope that you like my application and agree that I should be in command! I hope that I get to have a second chance in the research command team to show that I can be trusted, and that I learned from the last time that I was in research command. Once more, thank you for reading my application, and I hope you have a fantastic day! 🙂

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+ Support

Silly learned from their mistake IMO, go Silly!

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5 minutes ago, Voxial said:

+ Support

Silly learned from their mistake IMO, go Silly!


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- I almost always see this guy on, extremely active

- Only positive experiences with him

- Good Application

- Can't speak for this because I'm not in research, but his answers to the scenarios seem to be pretty good.

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Posted (edited)

yes +support

Edited by Not Gamma

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+/- support
+ Fairly active from what I've seen
+ Well written app

- When I see you, you seem very immature and don't think about things you say.

I just frankly think you need before being accepted into Research Command. 

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+ Extremely active

+ Fun to play with

Notes: I dont know if the app is good as I am not a command but I liked it.

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This can be due to feedback, behavioral issues, or other unstated issues.

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