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scp 173 testing

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Lore Name: poopyballs

Rank: junior researcher

SCP: 173


Question / Idea: will 173 become non hostile when hugged?

Background Research: Scp 173 is a large stone statue that can break any ones neck in a blink of an eye. so far no study's have shown it has emotions.

Hypothesis: scp 173 will become non hostile when hugged

Observations (What Happened During Test): I took 1 d-class and put him into 173's chamber and I told the d-class to hug scp 173. the d-class do so and we closed the windows. When I checked on what was happening a minute later scp 173 and the d-class were still hugging which means that he was showing signs of emotion. then I closed the window again and waited once more. sadly after 30 seconds , I heard 173 say "your hugging to hard" and a large cracking noise and the d-class was terminated by 173.

Evidence/Visual Stimuli (N/A if unable/none): N/A


Analysis / Conclusion (What Could Of Caused The Results): d-class hugged to hard and scp 173 was unhappy.

Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: kinda

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