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Warning Appeal - Fiery


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While what happened is silly, a formal warning is complete over kill.

local teenage father :3

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10 minutes ago, Kevlar_ said:

https://streamable.com/gngt71 the evidence of the situation if anyone needs it so you don't have to DM Will. Not every single situation is gonna be written in the MOTD for you guys. Utilize common sense. Up to the staff member whether or not it is a verbal/formal warning

the clip was already posted tho? whats the point of reposting it?


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3 hours ago, Domo775 said:


it doesn’t say in motd that you can’t!!!


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2 hours ago, oofWill said:

Okay, lets break this down

1. Just because its not in the MOTD doesn't mean its not against the rules. Called a gray area. There are good gray areas and bad gray areas and this is a bad. Its to staff discretion.


2. The d class was not stuck whatsoever. Hes not even in the wall. He was told to stop as it was annoying and messing up securitys job. This would be considered fail rp/NITRP

They were doing it in a malicious manner.Once again he was repeatedly told to stop. However he didn't. 

Also destroying an anchor would not unstuck the d class.


and you said in rp d class are helping eachother escape, in RP you also don't have a phys gun that can destroy things. You can stop them by rioting.



Also, you need evidence. There is no evidence here whatsoever


my clip i based on



Ngl tho +/- support since i can see where they are coming from but this doesnt deserve an offical warning maybe a verbal at best

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It's not stated in the MOTD so fiery deserves a verbal warning, not a normal one. 

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probs going to go to mil rp

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