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EliasQuickness' HLPR Bot Application


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1. What’s your Ingame Name? OS CS EliasQuickness

2. What’s your SteamID (steamid.xyz if you need to get it)? STEAM_0:0:108363217

3. What is your Rank? Operations Supervisor

4. What’s your time on the Server? 1 Week+

5. Total strikes you’ve ever received? None (0)

6. How many warnings do you have on GL? None (0)

7. Who gave you permission to apply? Not A Spy

8. On a scale of 1-10, how active are you? 10

9. Why do you think you’re fit for H.L.P.R. Bot Alpha (60+ words)? I feel like I am fit to be HLPR bot because I wish to help the site out, do escorts into HCZ and help make the site stay safe and make sure SCPs don't break out of their CCs and make Site-50 a better place. I also feel like I would do great as HLPR bot because I can not be infected by 610 and be "Cured" by 049 as well which will help me in containing them, this sub-branch seems fun and I wish to be apart of it.

10. Chaos Insurgency is raiding and you see them breaching a Keter SCP (like SCP-035). What do you do? First I would run away and hide from CI to avoid being hacked by them and after I make myself hidden I will then call them out in site comms saying that they are breaching 035 after the whole raid is over I will then check if 035s CC requires repairs.
(Thank you for your time and thank you for reading.)

Edited by EliasQuickness

Current: Maintenance Manager | CI RND JA
Former: CI 1LT SPEED |  Red Right Hand Engineer Delta 27 | MTF D5 Second Lieutenant "FAST"
CCs: The Soldier | Cold Wind


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|| Former Research Assistant Manager || 

|| Former Gensec 1LT || / || Former Gensec PWD ||

|| Former Maintenance Manager || / || Former Containment Specialist Manager ||

|| Former MTF D5 SSGT || / || Former G9 Draugr G5 ||

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Speak to a member of HCMD/Head of HLPR to be trained and whitelisted!

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SCPRP | Mr. Inactive | Resigned

Former: Admin Maintenance Foreman Head Of H.L.P.R. Bot | MTF E11 SSGT Bulborb L1GT

[On CC's] Frank West MTF ETA 10 U2 "See No Evil"


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