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Kevin's 48hrs


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Name: Kevin

Rank: Corporal 

Reason for resignation: I have not been the most active on SRT and I feel that the spot I have taken up could be used for better people who can devote more time to the job. It was fun guys both times I was in the department and I thank you guys for having me but I am going to focus the few departments I am in. Goodluck guys shoot for the stars.

  • Retired: 
  • Police Department Captain 1L-28
  • Emergency Medical Services Head FTO FTO-01
  • Emergency Medical Services Deputy 87-33
  • Emergency Medical Services Secretary
  • United States Marshal Service Lead Special Agent 1Q-31
  • USMS Bounty Hunter Leader BHL-01
  • SRT GySGT 1R-28
  • SRT Corporal 1S-28
  • SCU Colonel 1U-28/SCU Head FTO
  • Police RP: Moderator

Drill Sgt. Kevin 1L-28

  • "You do not lose if you get knocked down. You lose if you stay down" -Muhammed Ali


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16 hours ago, Andre Lawrence said:

Thank you for being a part of the team, good luck on your future!



What i used to be
PD LT | Swat SPC

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