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2 Warns Appeal- Denied


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 SteamID:76561199075549355 STEAM_0:1:557641813


The admin's name in-game:DT SPC BE1


What warning did you receive:ARDM (For the one accidental warn i forgot but i made another post about it a while ago) 


Why do you think this warn was false:

I made a appeal a while ago for a warn accidentally given to me by a staff member because of my name and it still hasn't gotten removed, im also writing about a different warn.


DT SPC BE1 Gagged me during my sit when a Person called DarkTrooper0066 Used force powers after i was on the edge of main hangar near brig. He ARDM'd me . i was frozen during my own sit without speaking a single word, gagged and the sit was ended without my knowledge. I then got tp'd back to the top of the ship where no one was there.

I later got tp'd again and after trying to speak was gagged for not letting the staff speak, to which he then says laughing" How would you like a warn then haha, keep speaking " to which i said he had no basis to give me the warn for ARDM for a completely seperate situation that had unfolded 20 minutes prior, to which i got a warn and not a verbal unlike the Dark Trooper who only got a verbal for force powers

And the other Member got off without anything only a verbal as far as i am concerned. The staff member also used the total amount of warns i had against me, claiming i was a minge and "deserved the warn" .



for info on the accidental warn see here, please remove (


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Info for accidental warn
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Due to lack of evidence of this occurring, the specified member will not be punished. However, they will be watched closely.

In terms of your previous warn, please follow the steps that nimo provided when he accepted your appeal. If you did not go to the ban panel, account, then appeal the warn it will not be removed.

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