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TechKat's OS Application


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1. What’s your In-Game Name? TechKat

2. What’s your SteamID? STEAM_0:1:36770666

3. What is your Rank? Expert

4. Total strikes you’ve ever received? 0

5. How many warnings do you have on GL? 0

6. On a scale of 1-10, how active are you? 8

7. Why do you believe you should become a Maintenance Command member (100+ words)?

I want to assist the higher command structure with overseeing daily operations in the maintenance branch. I feel like I can help promote activity and help to better the overall image of the branch. My primary goals are going to be leading both junior and normal enlisted on patrols of HCZ, as well as brokering positive relations with the other branches. I am willing to look over any mistakes I make and learn from them, this is why I have 0 warns on the server and have received 0 strikes. With me as command, when I am on, I will encourage other maintenance to RP and ensure GENSEC/MTF receive armor from the proper locations and continue to stop containment breaches. I shall also try to do funny RP stuff (non-minge without approval).

Upon being given the opportunity to be command, I shall acknowledge the responsibility bestowed upon me to represent the branch in RP situations. I shall also acknowledge my responsibility over the Enlisted and will seek to properly influence them on following both the MOTD and SOP. I ask you to please give me this opportunity to assist in leading the branch.

8-1. A Utility Trainee has escaped the training room and is refusing to return, how would you handle this? I would handcuff them, drag him back to the training room. I would then explain to him that because of his misconduct he's being put on anywhere between a 3 day to 1 week DNT based on the severity of his actions, I'd fill out the form in Discord. Then I'd demote him off the job, and I'd increase the DNT if he jumps back on it.

8-2. Some enlisted members have begun RDMing each other in bunks as a way to pass time, what would you do in this situation? Considering the lessened severity due to the inability to damage each other in bunks, I will give verbal warnings if I deem the activity excessive enough to harm our reputation/disrupting other's RP. If this activity continues, I will give perms to leave during code red if necessary, with the exception of SCP-610/SCP-049 outbreaks. If not code red, I will remind them of their duties to give armor or lead them in to HCZ to fix the breach if there is one, or I can start a patrol.

8-3. A Junior Maintenance is breaking multiple SOP rules such as improperly using tools and disregarding DEFCON rules, what are your next steps? I would remind them of either proper tool usage or to return to bunks during the appropriate DEFCON (red/etc). If they refuse to listen or the issue is more severe such as the abrasive saw in powered on or disregarding self defense rules, I will proceed to cuff them and drag them into the office in bunks. Verbal warnings will be issued. Strike/demotion will be given with approval from other command if available, otherwise I'll take it upon myself to dish out the punishment.



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10 hours ago, EliasQuickness said:


+ Active.

+ Would fit command nicely
+ Overall nice dude.


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Very Active

Knows what he is doing

Would make a great command member

A very nice person

~ RRH Engineer Whiskey 6 | AMM ACSM Dagger

SCP RP Former ~ Retired AMM Dagger | Certs/Sub-Branches: SFTO, ACSM, MMF Jan 2 Febreze DGR6, HLPR Bot dG6 | RRH Engineer Whiskey Retired MTF Nu7 2LT Dagger | HTF A4 Reaper C5 | SCA Valkyr DGR6Enoch Approved | Certs/Sub-Branches: DHFTO, SFE, SMCU, STR, SBHM, JCBRN | Former MTF D5 PFC Dagger DG6 | Former CI LCPL Dagger | Certs/Sub-Branches: Hotshot/CQOP 

Imperial RP Former ~ Former SF SP Dagger 0268 | Certs/Sub-Branches: Regimental Engineer, Cobra Squadron Captain | Former Purge SSGT Dagger DG21 | Certs/Sub-Branches: Brawler Tactical Specialist | Retired ST 2LT Dagger 0268 | Certs/Sub-Branches: Scoutrooper Senior, Shoretrooper Captain, Regimental Engineer | Former DT CPL S19/DG6 | Certs/Sub-Branches: Seeker Company, Sarlacc Company | Former Royal Guard II Dagger | Former IQ Lord I Dagger | Former Imperial RP Moderator

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