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Crim Discord - Denied


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What you want to see? -  Discord should not be considered metagame

Why should we add it? - IRL we live in a world where communication is easy amd free, cellphones, smartphones,social media and forums such as this beey forum allow for rapid communication. When crims are allowed to communicate it leads to more strategic decisions and allows for more interesting encounters for police. Ambushes and other plans become more plausible and LEAs have a bit more to worry about. It is a logical change as not everything can be discussed in-game or shared. When crims have to kidnap we have to strip comms and panic to make sure nothing happens and so should Gov when we are wanted for major crimes

What are the advantages of having this? -

More roleplay potential 

Less time wasted of staff sits

Its a commonly broken rule and doesn't hugely affect gameplay.

Who is it mainly for? - Crim

Links to any content -  N/A


LEA=Law Enforcement Agency

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respectfully, crim should not be allowed to speak with other crim when being arrested and stripped. 

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