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RFA: 049 and 008 Cross Test

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+Love the Idea of "Plague doctor VS The Plague"

+Formatting is good overall but some touchups are needed

-Design while good is a little bland. (think of the SCP's and design around them)

for a first google docs though my personal score is about a 75-85 out of 100.

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GRAMMAR: (6/10)

Grammar here is overall simple. Nothing too complex. Points were clear and concise but contained little detail. What I would love to see moving forward is more attention to detail in your writing


The terminal format was a good attempt! BUT please start implementing a references page if you are going to utilize information gathered from the SCP wiki. With creation terminal designs its important to make sure all the design fits in. Including Font. The was a lack of detail within the document itself as well, again moving forward thing "quality not quantity"

LORE: (4/10)

Now with SCP-008-1, Those specimens cannot be transported out of a designated hazmat room. SCP-008 would have the ability to spread rampant throughout the facility. Creating mass infections. Another area you missed was explaining the security measures you took to perform this test. So make sure you annotate what measures you took.

CREATIVITY: (6.5/10)

Overall though, this test is creative. I think you could have done a lot more with it but you missed the mark on a good some of it. details, details, details, details. Those will be your best friend. 

OVERALL: 5.3/10


-Agent Grizzly OA1



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