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I am back

Mewy Minge

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who are you again?


PoliceRP Ex CERT Commander 〗〖 Last Dispatch Director 
ImperialRP Ex Second Sister 〗〖 Ex Seventh Sister 
Staff Ex PoliceRP Senior Admin 〗〖 Ex PoliceRP Senior Event Team 〗〖 Ex Senior Forums Diplomat 〗〖 Ex Support Supervisor 

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welcome back!!! good see you back!

  • Heart-Eyes 1

PD COL | SS R AD |  EMS Chief | SRT MSGT |  "Super Admin of Police RP" | Former MTF Nu7 RCT - MiniEpic



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Hi Mewy, welcome back!

 Scythes of Paradise 1ST |First Vice Elder in BOS!!! | PD SGT|FBI AD|USMS Lieutenant Marshal!!!  |The Best Fortnite Player| Rip SS|SWAT PVT

Used to be:  

Street crimes unit OFC| Senior mod| SRT LCPL |State Trooper| Department of Corrections FSGT| Umbrella Corp LVL 3 ParaMilitary| Delta Force SGT| HRT SGT

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welcome back

Currently -- | COL of PD | EMT of EMS | LVL 7 of UMC | Staff | Owner of CC Mar and Sike | Lieutenant STATE | Forums Diplomat | 

Was -- | DAD of FBI | MSGT of HRT | SA of Secret Service | IRA | Support staff | Event Team | CC Member of HRT | CSM Of SCU 1R45 | Retired Chief Constable of SCO19 | DOC CPT |                                 

  Things always come and go but its your choice to choose  what you want to continue to see.   -  Mar

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On 4/2/2022 at 10:02 PM, Phil said:

giphy (1) (10).gif


Current PD MAJ! | EMS Deputy Chief!! | SRT 2LT! | Trooper MSTRSGT!



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