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Mayluron's Gunnery Officer Application


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What is your ingame name?: Mayluron

What is your steam ID?: STEAM_0:1:155847241

What is rank on the naval roster?: Petty Officer 2nd Class

What specialty are you applying for?: Gunnery Officer

What naval HC gave you permission to apply?: Commodore Nex
What can you do to improve the branch you are applying for?: To be honest I don't really know because I have never experienced what gunnery officer's get to do. However I do plan help improve activity and help improve maintenance, as well as security for EC (Engine Core).

Why should you be trusted with this position?: I should be trusted because I am honest, hardworking, and I do my best to achieve what is needed of me.

Why do you want this rank?: I want this rank because I love passive roleplay, I am highly active on the server, and I enjoy maintenance patrols and maintenance duties. Also because "We do not rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training" ~Archilochus, 680-645 BC.

Do you understand that if you recieve one strike you will be removed of this rank?: Yes sir/Ma'am, I fully understand that my actions will have consequences and that if they lead to a strike I will be removed of this rank.

What is your purpose withing your assigned branch?: The sole purpose of the gunnery officer is being in charge of manning the ships turbolasers in combat situations, or Defcon 3-2, as well as making sure that the ships offensive systems are operating as expected and are fully functional. In ground missions gunnery officers act as a flanking and combat engineer force on the battlefield. They also get to use experimental weapons and oversee Havoc company, or I guess now the other engineer battalions as Havoc company doesn't really exist anymore.

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+/- support

+ Demonstrates knowledge of gunnery officer's

+ Hasn't caused any problems from what I can tell

- Very short application

Overall feel you have potential for the position but feel like more effort is needed on the application.

Current SCPRP:  CI R&D Chief Inspector || Exemplary Investigator Award Recipient

Former ImperialRP: Naval Captain || Security Director || GM VI 

Former SCPRP: Research Administrator || RFA Operations Advisory || RRH Analyst Xray 77 || Event Team Member

Former PoliceRP: EMS Captain || RRU Rapid Response Team Manager || FBI Assistant Director 

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The Board of Admirality does no see you fit for this position.

Primary Life:
Secondary / Former
Admiral Garrick Versio || Nova MMO SFC || SF GSO TP || Lord IV  || 69th MSGT || IC SSS SGT || Senior Moderator

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