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Theta's One Year Post


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Good evening Imperial RP!


Mid March marks roughly a year since I started playing this server seriously and I'd like to just say... wow. My time here has simply been indescribable, something that I wouldn't change for a moment. It's hard to believe it's been over a year since I first played and about a year since I came back seriously. I've made some great friends along the way and had some amazing experiences, and I just want to thank you guys for being a (mostly)  amazing community. Gonna shout out some homies below who have made this extraordinary journey worthwhile.

Nebel - My fellow 501st boomer! You've always been a great friend to me and honestly without you, I'd have never wanted to become VCMDR in the 501st either time and surely wouldn't have fallen in love with the Battalion the way I have now.

Wheat- ngl, thought you were annoying at first. Now you are one of my closest GL friends.
Edgy, Cloudzz, Sawick, Given- You guys were pretty cool, miss you
Stevie- Graced me with the best clip known to man
Funny- Did you get a new mic yet?
Ducks- Even if it was brief, I loved having you as Vader.
Goat/AK9- Based gamer. ARC-09
Frog- See above. 
Mann- Dude your voice is like voice actor material, look into it
Mando- 501st Dad Vice Commander. Always welcome back in Vader's Fist
Jpackis- You cringe but alright. Used to think you were a not so great VCMDR, then I witnessed what my successor did
Miyo- Never thought you'd hit SNRCMDR, happy and proud that you did
Pisces- Wagwan
Bop- Better than Nimo. Chill guy. Served you child support papers as a GM.
Bear- Very dedicated man. You are the glue that holds the army together.
Bon- Never knew who you were until you hit AHC, still a very cool man. Would like to get to know you better tho
SB3/Scoob/Biggiecheez/Doof- Fucking GL legend status. Sad to see you gone.
Keegan- I miss you
Gaz & High- My two Reserves children.
Doomlam- Funny Joe Swanson voice. Never failed to make me laugh.
Nimo- Every time I hear your name I think to Seventh Sister

Trace- One of my oldest 501 buddies. Hope you're feeling better
Spice- Best SMT (Sorry Nimo & Bop). Miss you man, would have liked to know you better before your departure


Anyways, if I didn't mention you don't feel bad. There are so many great people on GL, these are just the ones that immediately came to mind. Here is to another year!

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You trained me for 501st originally 

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10 hours ago, Theta said:

Edgy, Cloudzz, Sawick, Given- You guys were pretty cool, miss you

Yeah I guess I am pretty cool

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15 hours ago, Theta said:

Goat/AK9- Based gamer. ARC-09

Based Opinion 😎

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im drunk

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50 minutes ago, Mr.E said:

im drunk


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9 minutes ago, Chico said:

I'm racist, confirmed

O, congrats on your 200th post

Edited by Apple Apple

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On 3/17/2022 at 11:40 PM, Chico said:

I'm racist, confirmed

HAha wth

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Its been a great time knowing you and I look forward to continue working with you!!

Also I dont know how to take this but ill make you proud.

On 3/17/2022 at 12:53 AM, Theta said:

Gaz & High- My two Reserves children.

Current: R 501st SNRHVY Gaz

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On 3/18/2022 at 12:40 AM, Chico said:

I'm racist, confirmed

Big day here guys 

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