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CI: Application


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In-game Name: Blank


SteamID: 76561198912813489 or (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198912813489/)


DiscordID: Crabs#3309

I wish to be in the R&D

On a scale of 1-10 in terms of clueless to fanboy, i would rate a 7.

I'm very artistic in my abilities and I feel as if I need a place to share said abilities in order to get back at the foundation. I don't respect them in under any circumstances. When it comes down to respect I feel as if it is a quality that is earned. Not begged for or asked upon the Higher ups. Therefor, I shall work hard as a representative of the CI and show who shall stand in what place at what time. Those higher than me shall do the same to me. But in all honesty, I hate the foundation.


I don't feel as if I'm much different from anybody else, I'm just a person trying to serve what I think is right. Though I may have certain aspects that set me apart, which I agree on.


I can be active for at least 2 hours a day, or more, depending on school. But I will try my best to be on for as long as you need me to.


I am in both TS and Discord.

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After reviewing your application we have decided to accept you into CI RND. Join the SCP-RP discord and get the member self role Chaos Requesting Tags (which can be acquired by clicking the CI reaction) and message the Text to train channel for an FTO to train you for RND!

My discord is fetus deletus#0594 if you need any assistance!

(Format is shitty cause mobile)

'Cause you can't feel my anger
You can't feel my pain
You can't feel my torment
Driving me insane

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