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John Halloh's Engineer RRH application

John halo AU

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In Game Name: 

John Halloh

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:125255313

Squadron you are Applying for: 


Current RP Ranks Held:

 LCPL Riot Control

How many Warns do you have? (With Screenshot Proof) 

I have 0 warns as of this time, but i have played atlas uprising for a very long time and have a lot of roleplay experience, i was promoted 3 times today and made the lead riot control personnel 

Why do you want to join the Red Right Hand team: 

I would like to join Red Right Hand due to me loving all forms of RP. I want to protect Site 05, and i can take discipline, discipline myself, and distribute discipline in a good professional manner. I also have much experience in leadership and in other groups. I am very mature and serious and or passive Role Play is my passion. I also have much Epsilon-11 experience meaning I know how to maintain, do tests and recontain almost any SCP.

Why should we accept you: 

I am ready to commit anything I need to improve the site and its personnel. I will never disrespect any other branches ever, no matter what branch that may be. I have a very wide range of experience in this type of expertise. In atlas uprising’s SCP server I am very high ranks in multiple branches. From captain to sgt which is the second highest rank in that server. I feel as if I have the correct qualifications to join the Red Right Hand I am very active and have never minged, and never will minge. I will always follow orders from my higher ups and follow the golden rules as well as enforce them. I will always treat everyone with the upmost respect no matter what

Screenshot 2022-02-13 102404.png

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4 hours ago, John halo AU said:

What rank is needed? i am JFTO SSGT now

No rank is needed.
Guardian => MTF, Gensec
Engineer=> Utility
Analyst=> Research, R&D
If you are member of gensec you cant apply for Engineer, you can change it to a Guardian app

FORMER: | CI R&D IIN (SIN?) | CI EOI Operative | MTF E-11 1LT RRH Analyst November 24 | Maintenance OS
CUSTOM CLASSES: | Obama | The Mets | MTF E-11 'Last Call' | MTF E-11 Spetsgruppa Directorate 'V' | Umbrella Corporation Operative |

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On 2/13/2022 at 9:24 PM, 8Dustin said:


Does not hold a valid rp rank to apply for Engineer. Join either Maintenace or Medical




SCP-RP: E-11 SSGT | EXM | CE | DoRCU | Senior Ranger Canadian | CI LCPL | JFTO | CQOP | Platinum

PoliceRP: SNR Lafleur 1D45 | FBI Probatory Agent | Diamond
Retired: Medical Supervisor | E-11 SM | Nu-7 SM | DHFTO | HTF Mark II | Security CPT | Warden Centurion |
 Senior Moderator

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On 2/17/2022 at 5:50 AM, Shin said:


Can’t apply for Engineer if you’re neither in Maintenance or Medical.



• Command Overseer • CI Colonel • D2 •

Former: Assistant Inspector, Head of Longshot, Research Assistant Supervisor & Operations Supervisor, G.O.C. Officer & Head of bulldozers

Former: Scout Captain, Second Lieutenant, Senior Crewman, Storm Commando Captain.

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On 2/13/2022 at 9:24 PM, 8Dustin said:


Does not hold a valid rp rank to apply for Engineer. Join either Maintenace or Medical



~ Romeo 13

Current Ranks: N/A

Former Ranks: CI SFTO HLS Major D4 Ambrose IV RRH Guardian Romeo 13   SCP-RP Senior Admin RFM EXM CCU 

CC's: MTF E11 'Last Call' CI Recon Force Frank West MTF Sigma 66 Trooper CI TF2 Heavy Security Elite Sniper  The Mets Farmer Jakub

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You should not re apply to this until you actually comprehend and understand our guidelines for what is able to apply for what. 

Put more effort in. 


- RRH Guardian Alpha-6 

SCP-RP - Former: Moderator/ETSecurity SFTO SM, Research Researcher, MTF Alpha-1 Sgt, MTF Alpha-1 "Alpha-6", Noob-7 CplD5 RCT, R&D SIN, T-2 Blackjack, HFR, DHBI and E-11 DoFTO HCE SM | Current: CI Military DHLS SFTO SM 

Imperial-RP - Former - ModeratorRoyal Guard Senior Guard, Shadow Guard Lead, Stormtrooper 2LT, 501st MSG

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- has no experience in maintenance or medical

- application needs more work

- seems new to the server / haven't seen on


Former: MTF SGT Jimmy UNI4 | JA7 Nekros |    RH Engineer Uniform 4 | Former: | OS Jimmy | 

SWRP: Senior Moderator RESIGNED: 12/18/21   

Former: |  DT SGT XM8 | Naval LT Commander |  Medical MAJ & Deputy Director | RG Jimmy 

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Unfortunately, this application into the Red Right Hand Program has been denied. This can be due to Inactivity, Behavior Issues, or generally being unfit for Alpha-1 at this time.

Reapply in 1 week


Former SCP:RP Event Team Leader (5/15/19 - 12/31/19)

Current SCP:RP Head Administrator

"I'll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon"

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