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Rnd Test log - "Control"


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Grade: 85/100


Lore: 15/25

So not many problems with lore however SCP-035-1 doesn't create new masks to place onto new hosts so it would match better with his file if you were putting 035 onto 610 yourself or having an alpha operative do it, and also SCP-035 has shown to be unable or unwilling to use anything that isn't a human shape as a host so instead of using a sample you took from 610 I would say it makes more sense to infect an alpha and place the mask on near the end of the infection since they'll keep a somewhat human but deformed shape.

Creativity: 25/25

The idea of using 035 to access a hive mind is a pretty unique idea that I don't think I've seen before.

Presentation: 20/25

Nothing really wrong with the test log but also not really very eye catching.

Writing: 25/25

I don't see any issues with grammar or spelling however you did forget to capitalize one of the I's but I won't take points for it since it's only 1.

Test quality: Exceeds expectations


Extra Notes: N/A


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