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Freyja's NCO App


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1: What's you're in-game name and rank? (Ex: MC S SPC Hex 0084): MC SS PFC Freyja 1170

2: What's your timezone?: EST

3: What's your SteamID?: STEAM_0:0:580729723

4: How often will you be able to be active and at what times?: Once school starts I will be on from Friday to Sunday, Friday 8:30PM ish to 12AM Saturday 9:AM to 12AM sunday 9AM to 9:30 PM sometimes my parents might allow me to get on, but it is very unlikely.

5: Why should we trust you as a Medical NCO?: I have lots of experience as NCO's, I give lots of ideas. I have also lots of experience as medical as in a different server I was the Lead Medic in clone wars for the 125th legion. I also can help with roster work and future docs if I am trusted by you.

6: Why should you be a Medical NCO?: I should be a medical NCO because I am a very hard worker when it comes to training people, roster updates, or even sometimes doc work. I take part in lots of leadership with enlisted sometimes the whole group, also I heal everyone, without having to be asked which most medics tend to do is wait for them to say "Heal me" I just go in for it without them asking, I can also help with roster work if you want since I do have the experience, in it.

7: Why should we accept your application over other applications?: I think you should choose me over other applications because I have really good strengths like for RP I am good with /me (creativity) and RP. I tend to make the RP fun for me and the patient while I am testing or operating, while letting them do whichever affect they want to make it more interesting I also tend to actually Heal myself over other people unlike most people because once I heal myself I can go towards them while getting shot at and take the bullets and heal them instead of running to them and dying by NPC/Rebel Elite.

8: Do you have any warns? (And what for?): 1 month ago on PoliceRP i got a warn for FailRP for repairing a car in a chase even tho i didn't know it was a rule.I was also told it wasn't a rule.

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Hex told me to add little improvement.

Current: Security WDA Aurelia WA09MTF Delta-5 SRO VOP SFTO WO scotched ZETA/G9 Mammon GF5

Former:   DT PFC CR7IC DMS SFC 1205 Corr, IQ/Purge MSG/Lord III LuciferMC SS PFC Freyja 1170ST/Shore ENG SCT SFC griff 1277, Nu-7 PVT JFE scotched TAPE, LCPL Mark 1B57, State Trooper PVT Mark, FBI SA David Martinez IF Squad Lead (CPT) Neeko IvySHG Senior Guard (1LT) LuciferBWA Owner Spiral, RIS Unit R scotched

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