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Freyja's NCO App


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1: What's you're in-game name and rank? (Ex: MC S SPC Hex 0084): MC SS PFC Freyja 1170

2: What's your timezone?: EST

3: What's your SteamID?: STEAM_0:0:580729723

4: How often will you be able to be active and at what times?: Once school starts I will be on from Friday to Sunday, Friday 8:30PM ish to 12AM Saturday 9:AM to 12AM sunday 9AM to 9:30 PM sometimes my parents might allow me to get on, but it is very unlikely.

5: Why should we trust you as a Medical NCO?: I have lots of experience as NCO's, I give lots of ideas. I have also lots of experience as medical as in a different server I was the Lead Medic in clone wars for the 125th legion. I also can help with roster work and future docs if I am trusted by you.

6: Why should you be a Medical NCO?: I should be a medical NCO because I am a very hard worker when it comes to training people, roster updates, or even sometimes doc work. I take part in lots of leadership with enlisted sometimes the whole group, also I heal everyone, without having to be asked which most medics tend to do is wait for them to say "Heal me" I just go in for it without them asking, I can also help with roster work if you want since I do have the experience, in it.

7: Why should we accept your application over other applications?: I think you should choose me over other applications because I have really good strengths like for RP I am good with /me (creativity) and RP. I tend to make the RP fun for me and the patient while I am testing or operating, while letting them do whichever affect they want to make it more interesting I also tend to actually Heal myself over other people unlike most people because once I heal myself I can go towards them while getting shot at and take the bullets and heal them instead of running to them and dying by NPC/Rebel Elite.

8: Do you have any warns? (And what for?): 1 month ago on PoliceRP i got a warn for FailRP for repairing a car in a chase even tho i didn't know it was a rule.I was also told it wasn't a rule.

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Hex told me to add little improvement.

Current: Nu-7 2LT scotched ZETACI MSGT scotched

Former:   DT PFC CR7IC DMS SFC 1205 Corr, IQ/Purge MSG/Lord III LuciferMC SS PFC Freyja 1170ST/Shore ENG SCT SFC griff 1277, LCPL Mark 1B57, State Trooper PVT Mark, FBI SA David Martinez IF Squad Lead (CPT) Neeko IvySHG Senior Guard (1LT) LuciferBWA Owner Spiral, RIS Unit R scotched, Security MSGT WDXH IJG scotched CI R&D IIN(WO) scotched MTF D5 SRO DDIR SVFTO CPT scotched ZETA/G9 Murmillo Daimyo GM1

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