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General Suggestion - Utility Sewage Changes [Completed]


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What are you suggesting? - A few possible minor changes to the way the trash/sewage system works for the utility branch in SCP-RP. While not all of this would need to be implemented, both parts would improve the entirety of the trash collection system in some way.


Issue: There is a general lack of sewers and also a lack of waste available in each sewer. Especially with multiple people collecting trash online, the few sewers empty VERY quickly when your trash collector goes anywhere over level 3, and at level 5, I find myself running around the entire LCZ trying to find trash in sewers that have been empty for 4 minutes now. And of course, with an additional player, the chances of finding a sewer with trash in it are lower. It’s pretty difficult when you’re a higher rank, as you have to go to 4-5 sewers which are randomly empty just to fill the compactor. For lower ranking trash collectors who are solo, the problem is not noticeable, but when there are 2+ people collecting, it can get territorial.


Solution 1:  More sewers scattered around, with more stations. (details and nerfs listed below)

Solution 2: Changing addon to increase the number of trash in each sewer. (if addon allows)


To offset the possibility of players abusing this to gain a much greater amount of money, space out the recycling stations, to increase the effort needed to use two compactors at the same time. Listed below are solution 1 related ideas.


Possible new recycling station locations~ 

In LCZ, around the corner of SCP-131, or in the empty room adjacent.

In HCZ, maybe either Misc. Containment hallway, Temp Euclid, or on the wall in the glass CC room (5208’s).


Possible new sewer locations~

LCZ- By meeting room, in the bathroom, on LCZ side of each HCZ checkpoint, 173’s the adjacent hallway, armory hallway intersection, inside medbay, outside SCP-432’s closet, etc.

HCZ- HCZ sides of EZ checkpoints, in the space to the side of SCP-098’s CC, outside SCP-966 CC, misc. containment hallway, etc. (not too familiar with HCZ current locations)


How would this change better the server? - Allow for much more Utility activity, to not only assist in giving armor but by amplifying the number of players who play Utility at a given time.  It would give more opportunity for progression by means of the branch, and it would entice more people to join Utility.


Are there any disadvantages of making this change to the server? - No major disadvantages, people might not like seeing so many sewers everywhere, and it may result in a tiny bit more lag (not sure how the addon affects performance). Utility staff would be making MUCH more money, and a small price nerf could be added to offset the major sewage buff, but spacing them out farther would help too (to incentivize not using 2 at a time).


Who would this change mostly benefit- Utility.


Please link any workshop content, screenshots, or anything that you think may be helpful to those who view this suggestion - None

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I have always found that with multiple people collecting trash that the sewers always stayed empty for 10 mins+ so i agree with the addition of more sewers around LCZ and HCZ,
However i dont see the need for more recyclizing centers to put trash in as i believe even with more sewers 2 trash collectors per zone should work, 2 in LCZ and 2 in HCZ, which another thing i would say though is to add one more trash collector in HCZ as 1 doesnt seem like enough especially for patrols where we always go into HCZ and find the issue of waiting 4 mins with 4 people with full trash collectors waiting.

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+ Support

Always like seeing more stuff being added for the boosting of the activity of Utility branches! Although I think spamming trash compactors around the site would cause some pretty hefty lag, I wouldn't be against getting 1 more in HCZ/LCZ.

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+support, I 100% agree with this, once I reached level 3 it wasn't worth continuing to collect as everything was empty

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21 minutes ago, Yato Sensei said:

+ Support

Always like seeing more stuff being added for the boosting of the activity of Utility branches! Although I think spamming trash compactors around the site would cause some pretty hefty lag, I wouldn't be against getting 1 more in HCZ/LCZ.

So compactors cause surprisingly very minimal lag so long as there is more than like 15. 



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